“Hi! My name is Evgeniya 👋🏻

I am from Russia 🇷🇺 I moved to Qatar together with my husband a couple of years ago.

How did it happened? Why Qatar? Read below 👇😁

We got married right before coming to Qatar, since both of us are from different countries (he is from Spain and I am from Russia), we were looking for a place where both of us can live.

We are working in a hospitality business, and Qatar came to our mind as a place with a good quality of life, blooming hospitality business with a lot of new opportunities. Main language is English which suits us both, and of course, Qatar is focused on sports, any types of activities and starts to open to the world.

I am glad that I can personally witness how this country grows, develops and changes day after day to the better.

It has its own charm and personality. Very calm, safe, and I can for sure say that it’s filled with great people. Most of the population in Qatar are expats as us, which makes it easier to meet people who are going through the same things as we do, but with totally different stories and backgrounds. We have met so many new friends here, learned different cultures and planning to continue 😁

I am sure that everyone can find something they like in Doha. 👏🏻😃”

– Evgeniya Kondratyeva (Russia) @doha_expat