“2 years ago, I knew nothing about the Middle East and this country named Qatar.

I am from Ukraine.

Doha was my second destination as an international DJ.

Before this trip, I read a lot of information about the rules in Doha.

I am from Europe – a completely different culture – so I was very excited to see the Middle East.

As soon as I arrived, I saw a wonderful atmosphere here.

Moreover, I did not expect that there would be a cool entertainment life.

Bands, solo musicians, international DJs – each place has a unique and original concept.

Every expatriate feels comfortable here.

Many nationalities live in Doha, so it feels like you are traveling abroad in one city.

There are lots of languages, cultures, traditions, and people around with different mentalities. Everything here is interesting. You’d want to keep exploring something new.

Here in Qatar, the coolest thing for me was the incredible architecture.

Each area has something special.

My phone is always full of photos.

Qatar is like a modern green city in the middle of the desert.

I don’t know a safer place in the world than Qatar.

I could not believe that here, I could forget about locking the door.

My journey here has just begun.

This young country is growing so fast.

Qatar is a country of great opportunities.

And everything I feel about Doha – nothing but love.”