One of Qatar’s most thrilling events is coming again for the second year for us to witness. The Katara International Arabian Horse Festival is confirmed to be happening from the 2nd of February till the 12th of February 2022.

There are many reasons to watch the show in person and get a first-hand experience with one of the most spectacular Arabian horses in the world. Since it’s an annual event where only the best of Arabian horses are given access, that makes it a world-class event with predictions of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani attending the show.

Qatar’s rich culture and traditions play an integral part in the community, and their pride in their Arabian horses gives the show a sense of belonging and uniqueness.


The Horses’ Endurance and Breed

Al Shaqab is mainly known for Qatar’s main equestrian centre, where Arabian horses are bred. Not only are they taken care of, but they’re given the privilege of access to many of Qatar Foundation’s best health facilities, such as the Hydrotherapy and exercise machines, as well as the opportunity to compete with Arabian horses bred from the Arabia deserts. Moreover, their breeding philosophy makes the centre the best place for Arabian horses. They care about preserving the breed and cultivating a healthy and athletic bloodline filled with the virtue of kindness and elegance.


The Auction

Horse breeders that wish to enhance their horses’ strength, endurance, speed, etc., tend to do so by breeding them with superior horses. Thus, breeders need to be on the lookout for said Arabian horses, where the auction comes to place. An auction is where you can buy and trade Arabian horses, which encourages sportsmanship, unity, and participation.

This act of support increases the festival’s engagement and horse stables’ standards regarding their horses’ abilities. Most importantly, it helps preserve the Arabian horse breed and bloodline while propagating the best of abilities down Qatar’s finest stables.

The fee for entering the auction is QR500.

For more information regarding the auction’s rules and conditions, visit KIAHF’s website or click the following link:



The Show and The Rewards

For 2022’s Katara International Arabian Horse Festival, there will be two shows where horse owners get to present their horses.

The first competition is the first-edition Arabian Peninsula Horse Show, which runs from the 2nd of February to the 5th. The reward allocated for the Peninsula show are as follows:

For the Yearling category, the Gold prize will be QR75,000; Silver being QR45,000; and Bronze at QR30,000.

For the Junior category, the Gold prize will be QR140,000; Silver being QR75,000; and Bronze at QR45,000.

For the Senior category, the Gold prize will be QR250,000; Silver being QR150,000; and Bronze at QR75,000.

For the Qualifying category, the top six rankers would receive prizes up to QR28,000.