With the spring semester starting, covid takes its hit with both a new variant and a wave, which has led to many repercussions. One of them is the challenges faced in the academic department. The ministry has stated earlier this month that universities are to be back in person by the 16th of January, but that decision was impeded by the large magnitude of cases in QF, making it a wise choice to resume online schooling.

Thus, by next Sunday, the 30th, most universities would have opened their doors for their students making us one step closer to overcoming the pandemic’s third wave. Activities and events are still to follow the precautionary measures such as social distancing and the mandatory wearing of masks.

As for schools in Qatar, the decision would be left completely to the Ministry of Education, where it is expected for them to release a statement by the end of this week regarding the matter. Exams have been postponed and booster shots have been mandated by many for the sake of increasing schools’ safety. But that brings the heated debate over to the table, and that is, is vaccination truly necessary? And is the booster shot safe for teenagers and young adults?

While it is true that we’re getting closer to a collective natural immunity, the need for vaccines is thought to be unnecessary, but it is at such times that we all need to get vaccinated with booster shots for the sake of having a safer community. Furthermore, it is true that such a question can’t be answered on the sole of the assumption that this would be our last variant, and that’s what makes Covid a pandemic rather than an endemic.

Many have propagated their concerns regarding their issues with Ehteraz, and particularly many came from university students here in Qatar. Issues where their Ehteraz is stuck at either the red or yellow phase even after two weeks of quarantine, and also issues where it won’t register them into the app. Their concerns have been addressed, but at such dire times where cases were at an all-time high, their number was considered unapproachable from how busy it is.

What matters however is that one confirms their health status as well as their Covid infection status with the authorities whether through an anti-gen test or a PCR, but make sure to mask up and follow social distancing laws.


Always make sure to get vaccinated and stay safe and healthy!