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Top Thai Restaurants In The City

The traditional diet of Thailand features colorful vegetables, seafood, and meats that are served with rice or noodles and seasoned with herbs and spices like turmeric, galangal, Thai basil, and lemongrass. Here are our top picks of Thai restaurants in Doha that will satisfy your craving without burning a hole through your wallet!

August 6th, 2020|

Top Chinese Restaurants To Try Out

Eat to your heart's content! Treat yourself this weekend for a chinese themed dining experience. Have a look at some of the best dining offers around the city. Don't forget to share to your friends and family! Hakkasan St. Regis Average Cost QAR340 for two people (approx.) Call 44295000 Chi'zen [...]

July 23rd, 2020|

Top 10 Spots For The Best Arabic Food

Itching for some delicious Arab eats? We've compiled a list of some of the best restaurants that cater to the local Arabic cuisine. Visit one of these delicious delicacies the next time you want to satisfy your cravings. Yasmine Palace Top Dishes : Mezze, Hookah, Lamb Average Cost QAR290 for two [...]

July 16th, 2020|

Best Chocolate Places To Try In Qatar

Whether you prefer hot cocoa drinks, dark chocolate bars, gooey brownies or truffle cakes, chocolate provides something for all people. World Chocolate Day celebrated on July 7 is all about celebrating perhaps the finest creation of humankind. If there ever was anything that everyone unanimously agreed upon, it would be [...]

July 7th, 2020|

Karak Stop Launches Qatar’s First Karak Mobile App

Karak Stop — a local Qatari brand — has announced the availability of Qatar’s first Karak mobile app, providing an ordering and delivery service for its customers. To ensure hygienic and timely delivery, customer orders through Karak Stop’s app will be delivered to them by the brand’s own delivery drivers, [...]

July 7th, 2020|

Top 10 Pasta Restaurants In Doha

Whether you like your pasta to be Linguine, Farfalle or Macaroni, here are some of the best restaurants and spots for pasta in the city to satisfy your craving for carbs. Your taste buds can thank us later! Carluccio's  Average Cost QAR250 for two people (approx.) Call 50548259/44841676 Eatopia Average [...]

July 2nd, 2020|