“I came to Qatar 4 years ago. Did I think I would stay that long?

I have been living in Belarus for almost all the time, was working in hospitality, had my family and friends back there and was not even thinking of moving anywhere else. Especially the Middle East.

I didn’t know much about the country, but I had a friend who was brave enough to move here before me. That’s how I learned about Doha. My decision was very spontaneous. Basically, I was looking for personal and career growth and was up for a challenge. It took me two weeks to decide and start packing my suitcases.

First-year of living in Qatar was very difficult, turbulent, and was a big adaptation from the culture I came from. I was working in the hospitality industry and the job was tiring and demanding.

Life in Qatar helped me to focus more on myself,  my hobbies and favourite activities. I realized that sport is something that really excites me. So I took on a journey of studying for a personal trainer. I think in Qatar there are so many opportunities for developing your own self, as well as building a community of like-minded people.

I love Qatar for its relaxed lifestyle, modern studios, and centers. Basically, the best of the best life can offer. It’s incredible, how much investments go for the country’s development and well-being.

Even though there are lots of expatriates, and people don’t stay long, still, friendships and connections I built here are something special and very warm, I find people here are very open and ready to connect and mingle.

At the moment I see Qatar as a place to be and can’t wait to see next year’s World Cup!”

-Natalie Shendo (Belarus)