“I was born in Brazil, I love my country, their beauty and happiness, I never thought to move from there.

I was flight attendant, in a career for 10 years, married, with a son, family and friends.
I had a dynamic lifestyle, even living in the country side of Sao Paulo.
Dealing with career in aviation, husband, and son, was a big challenge, even working in international flights, where the schedule is pretty better.
Talking with my husband, he is an airline pilot, we decided to change our lifestyle.
Our goal was to increase the family and we needed a routine which supported us.
In 2016, Qatar started being part of my life.
Even I having sure faith about the decision, I arrived with so many expectations in my heart, but at same time I was happy and proud!
Day by day, I was feeling safe and happy, so we got our second son in Qatar.
Living here is a daily learning, the culture is so rich and beautiful.
Enjoying the country’s development, the art under open sky, the safety, the organization, so many tasteful restaurants, instigated me to discover more and more about the country.
Accepting a friend’s advice, I became a licensed tour guide in Qatar.
It’s been a big opportunity to be a host of Qatar, and working not only guiding the guests to the best spots but even in important events to the country as the FIFA Club World Cup for example.
More than that aggrandizing is being part of the tourist field development of the country, as is one of main goals of Qatar for the future.
About love, I love my family.
I love sports, running, fighting, working out.
I love gathering with “good vibes” persons and friends.
I love enjoying restaurants and interesting spots.
I love life and I’m happy to be in Qatar.”