“Hi everyone, my name is Marina Ali.
My journey in Qatar started in 2019 and now I am working in the Oil and Gas field.
When people ask me where am I from, I tell them that I am from Russia.
Russia is a multinational country with multiple nationalities, cultures and confessions.
My roots are from the Caucasus: my mother is Ossetian and my father is Azerbaijani.
I am proud of my roots to the moon and back.
My father always dreamed that one day I will go working abroad, so that’s what I did.
I was given a wonderful opportunity to move to Qatar for my career and make a huge step forward.
I am very grateful for this chance.
So here I am in Doha, working hard to make my parents proud of me, even though it’s not always easy.
I am so happy to be a part of New History of Qatar —
one of the most successful countries in the Middle East Region.
And my message to all Instagram readers will be: fight for your Dreams and never take No for an answer.
God bless all of you. #alieninqatar”