“Hello everybody!  My name is Elena.


My story in Qatar began in 2016 when I passed a competition for the position of a group program instructor at the Aspire ladies club.  For me, this was a serious step, since before that I had lived in Ukraine all my life, and my whole family and circle of close friends remained there.  But the prospect of professional development and the desire to expand their horizons took over.


The acquaintance with the country was quite extreme, since the move took place in one of the hottest months of the year – July.  And after the Ukrainian mild summer, the Qatar heat and humidity became a huge test for me.


Another challenge I faced was the language barrier.  At the time of the move, I had a good English vocabulary, but a complete lack of conversational experience.


At the moment, I have an invaluable experience behind me attending a huge number of international fitness events and trainings.  Today I work as a personal trainer.  I lead my wards to achieve their goals and share my experience and knowledge on my Instagram page.  Since doing fitness is not only about how to look better, but also about improving the quality of life in general.


And now, having lived in Qatar for 5 years, I have found incredible friends from all over the world, colossal professional experience and fell in love with this country with all my heart. “


-Elena Kurtvelieva