“Hello everyone,

I am Irma, known as mama__mams on Instagram, mom of 4, Frenchy, expat in the middle-east for about 13 years now. I met my husband in 2009 in Dubai where we started to build our family. We moved to Doha end of 2013 and our family grew along.

Today I can call Qatar as my home.

This home is just the perfect place to raise my kids. We spend most of our Week Ends at the beach so that kids have their fair share of vitamin D. Besides the sunshine, I love the peace of mind that I get when I see my kids playing outside with their friends or when I’m walking down the street with my girls, this place is super safe and this really removed a burden from my shoulder.

Qatar isn’t just all sand, it’s filled with green areas, parks and cycling tracks and you will probably find us on a bike somewhere! We also love good food from around the world! In short, I love Qatar and I am proud to call it my home!

I am working mom, I mean all moms are hard working but I choose the easy way.. working outside the house and on shift! I have a super nanny helping with the chores! Thanks to her, I can spare a little time to keep a diary on Instagram and record some precious family moments.

We are happy here but of course, in any part of the world, there is some areas that are a little bit less than perfect. I travelled a lot and lived in many places. I was born in Italy, grew up and graduated (in psychology) in France, lived in Australia, UK, Dubai and Doha.

I feel that after our journey here, probably in about 4 or 5 years, we will move to the south of France.

I miss the artistic side of France. The genuine interest for art and I do feel that my kids are missing something that is very important to me. I am an ex-ballerina, coming from a family of musicians. Even though I know tomorrow’s world is digital,  I feel that we are missing something that is very close to my heart in this part of the world.

Check my page and join along with our growing family!! Everyone is welcome on board!”