SAFWA has been strenuously working to educate and encourage all the country of Qatar to focus on being sustainable for the future. Its aims to be a leading powerhouse for innovative agriculture and sustainable development, being a local brand it wishes to take Qatar to new heights when it comes to the agriculture industry and to meet Qatar’s 2030 National Vision.


SAFWA believes, to achieve the ambitious goal of sustainable development and self-sufficiency, the country must work together and educate each other on new technologies and techniques which make such a vision come to reality.

For its first collaboration, SAFWA has united with the Swiss International School in order to educate the young minds of Qatar. To develop new ideas and create a generation of forward thinkers with awareness of the challenges we may face in the future.



SAFWA first phase for donations was of seedlings, plants and soil was given to the Swiss School’s agriculture club the “Hummingbirds” who were extremely excited to create their own garden at the school and successfully completed it. Having expanded their garden with new plants, students are using this garden now to do further research in their biology class’s. The students are also invited to the SAFWA farms for a tour of the greenhouses and the farm lands.




SAFWA second phase for donations is to provide the school a hydroponic system as the next challenge for the Hummingbirds. This system will be an indoor activity, a perfect alternative for farmer in the summers. This system is a future proof way for farming and an innovative way to do farming with reduced water, carbon footprint, pesticides, less fertilizers and gaining higher yields of products. Students are extremely excited to be working on this sophisticated yet easy to maintain systems for their new garden.



Fardan Fahad Al Fardan hopes that students will continue to be encouraged and realize the importance of sustainable agricultural solutions. Food security is vital for the future and raising awareness with young and bright minds is the right way to secure a chance for a developed future. SAFWA hopes that this educational partnership is one of many more to come and is extremely eager to provide for other schools and universities of Qatar.


Students Quote: “During lunch, we eat looking at our garden because we can’t believe that it is real and the plants are so cute”.