I believe that we as people who are privileged enough to have received education and experience, we can always help other people, especially the ones working with us. Helping by developing skills, helping career-wise, but above all treat all humans with respect and dignity.

I always say that whatever I do as a manager, even though my influence is really small sometimes, I must do the best for my colleagues. As far as I am concerned this goes for all. Not to say that sometimes life isn’t hard and decisions made can be tough. Yet, in our micro-society and in our realm of influence, no matter how big or small, we can do more good for others than we know.
During the pandemic, it was a very big challenge for the team at Gymmito. I came new, and had to quickly figure out a path to revitalization and rejuvenation of the business. However, we didn’t sit back and watch. We started off with making small investments, with a clear purpose, and which made sense – adjusting our business to post- Covid reality – such as developing a mobile concept and creation of an outdoor exercise area. We set targets, and we made sure to actually hit them. Our owner understands the power of incentive, so at the end of the month all received a small but fair bonus.

People are not only motivated by money, in my humble opinion people are motivated by freedom, empowerment and sense of direction. At the end of the day for me, what motivates and satisfies are good financial results and cohesion on the work-floor.

I’m a big fan of the four-day work week; I think it should be implemented the world over. At work, I believe, people are much more productive and energized if they have been able to take care of family or personal affairs. Give people ample time to do chores, work out or simply Netflix & Chill. Work-life balance is very important.

At Gymmito, we rely on maturity and self-sufficiency. Everyone has their own work schedule, and at the same time, everyone’s performance is measured on a regular basis. Our business is performance based.

Coming out of Covid is hard. It’s important – whatever we do, we don’t affect the business and we don’t affect product quality. So even though we’re cutting costs, we’re never ever compromising on the quality of our services. We actually diversify and improve. It is all about being creative.

Two mottos which I live by, and which have really helped me, especially at the workspace would be – “Don’t assume, follow up” and “Conquer evil by doing good.