Al Malki Trading and Contracting proudly announce the arrival of one of the world’s leading Built-in appliances brands and introduce Silverline to the Qatar Market.


As part of their collaboration, they will make their first appearance at the MAJD QATAR EXHIBITION & FORUM 2021 on the 26th to 28th of September.

A Silverline product aims to connect perception with concept. It is the unique features they offer that make their product functional and unique. As a result, Silverline produces unique and functional products to meet customer needs.

In order to create the new generation of kitchens, Silverline integrate minimal, bold, easily recognizable, sample and intuitive products for which the latest culinary technologies are applied with modern living. Silverline Built-in Products and designs have previously received some of the most prestigious awards including the Red-dot, Plus X, IF Design and the German Design Award.

Silverline is more than a brand that focuses on design and technology, they have also been recognized for quality by major international certification bodies. Silverline meets multiple European quality standards with certifications such as ISO 9001, CE, KEMAKEUR, TSE, and UKREST. Specializing in customer satisfaction, Silverline strives to reach higher levels of productivity, after-sales service, and innovation.

This welcoming was brought to Qatar by Al Malki Trading and Contracting, a 100% Qatari company that aims to provide products of the highest quality. As a professionally managed & ISO certified organization with broad interests in Engineering & Construction and a wide range of services for its diverse clientele, Al Malki trading & contracting provides value, professionalism and excellence for its clients.


Ali Ibrahim Al Malki, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Malki, said,  “Our goal will be to create a leading entity in all ventures, including real estate, contracting, manufacturing trade, hospitality and services, and always exploring new opportunities”


“Our focus has been on serving the needs of our customers first and foremost. The introduction of Silverline Built-in Products in the market is a way to offer the best to our customers without compromising on integrity and quality”.Mohammed Ali Al Malki, Group CEO of Al Malki.