“I was born and raised in the Northern seaside town of Hartlepool, UK. I spent most of my young life there until joining the Royal Navy at the age of 18. During my time in the Armed Forces I travelled all over the world serving on Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers working with foreign forces and experiencing lots of different cultures. Whilst serving in the Navy, my passion for sports grew more and more and I spent most of my career participating or coaching various sports.

At the age of 30 having served 12 years I decided to leave the Navy to pursue a different path and focus on building a life and career for myself within the Fitness industry. Having explored lots of global options, I decided to Move to Qatar as there was so much potential for growth within the industry then and little to no services on offer. In 2014, I opened the 1st official CrossFit affiliate called CrossFit Oryx based in Al Waab, this was proven to be a big hit and went onto serve thousands of members over the years, helping to grow the sport and encourage others to open boxes too. Now CrossFit is a huge sport here in Qatar and I am proud in the part I played in growing it.

What I love about Doha is you meet so many inspiring and incredibly talented people from all over the world. The varied cultural differences is what makes this place so interesting and that you are always learning something new.

Fast forward to 2021 and I am here married with a 5 year old daughter and a little boy on the way. My wife works for Qatar Airways and we are happy and settled. I have recently launched a new business called ORX Sports which will focus on bringing grassroots sports to schools and compounds as well as providing world class fitness programs for all. We are growing steadily with the Boxing academy program going from strength to strength working with children starting from 7+.

I feel very honored to be a resident in Qatar and hope to enjoy many more years here with my family.”


-Peter Collins