This year’s conference blends virtual and in-person events to explore digital transformation horizons and the new global economy

Doha, Qatar – 27 October 2021 – Qatar Development Bank (QDB) announced the launch of the 7th edition of the Qatar Entrepreneurship Conference (ROWAD QATAR) 2021 under the theme ‘Digital Transformation & Thriving in the New Economy’, which will be held during Global Entrepreneurship Week from the 8th to the 10th of November. Following the success of its first virtual edition in 2020, this year’s conference will blend virtual and in-person activities.

The event will be held under the strategic sponsorship of the Qatar Investment Authority, the platinum sponsorship of Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), and the golden sponsorship of Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB). The year’s edition is also organized in collaboration with an array of high-profile governmental and semi-governmental national partners, in addition to a number of global partners such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and the World Economic Forum, to name a few.

The press conference to announce the launch of ROWAD QATAR 2021 was held in the presence of QDB’s Acting CEO Mr. Abdulrahman Hesham Al-Sowaidi, the Bank’s Communication & Partnerships Manager Mr. Soud Al-Boinin, QSTP’s Executive Director Mr. Yosouf Al-Salehi, and QIIB’s Head of Business Development and Alternate Channels Sector Mr. Omar Abdelaziz Al-Meer.

As the impact of the pandemic tapers off globally and with the concerted efforts of entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) towards finding a foothold in the new economy amid an accelerating digital transformation, QDB aims to leverage the Qatar Entrepreneurship Conference to reaffirm the need for entrepreneurs to adapt to the new global economy and to integrate technological and digital solutions in their businesses towards harnessing innovation and providing added value.

On the launch of this year’s Qatar Entrepreneurship Conference, QDB’s Acting CEO Mr. Abdulrahman Hesham Al-Sowaidi said:

“Held under the slogan ‘Digital Transformation & Thriving in the New Economy’, the Qatar Entrepreneurship Conference 2021 seeks to create a productive exchange on the new economy that was expedited by the coronavirus pandemic and explore the opportunities and challenges that are transpiring as a result. It also aims to identify ways to invest in all available opportunities by harnessing innovation and digital solutions to develop more agile business models and thrive in this new era.”

The Qatar Entrepreneurship Conference 2021 celebrates the achievements of entrepreneurship locally and globally and inspires entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs to develop their skills and knowledge by providing them with a platform that encourages innovation and initiative, and opens communication channels among actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to exchange ideas and collaborate towards achieving mutual benefit.

In line with QDB’s endeavor to create an authentic discussion space based on the exchange of experiences and knowledge among aspiring entrepreneurs and industry experts, the conference will feature more than 30 workshops that cover a multitude of topics focused on entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and the new economy over the course of three days, with the participation of many renowned speakers. This is in addition to a high-level keynote speech and three panel discussions, making the conference a true meeting point for all individuals and institutions in their leap forward into the post-COVID world. The conference will also witness the announcement of the third ROWAD Awards across five categories.

QDB is anticipating the participation of all members of the entrepreneurship ecosystem – including business owners, institutions, and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) – in the Conference and their engagement with the leading platform that it presents, towards achieving its goals and objectives. To take part in the event, entrepreneurs and SMEs can visit, where they can access the Conference’s agenda and more information on its workshops and discussion panels.