Colosseum Deli Doha is Qatar’s first true Italian delicatessen that brings fresh and authentic Italian ingredients, food and flavours to the people of Qatar.

Founded in 1999, Colosseum Doha’s focus has been to produce artisan Italian food for its customers. The Colosseum Doha team has spent the past 20 years studying, working, and improving to reproduce all the excellence of Italy and its culinary roots, with the care of a chef producing unique products for individual customers, combining the knowledge of quality ingredients and their proper use to produce excellent products for mass consumption.

In 2003, along with the impressive infrastructure development of Qatar, Colosseum opened its factory to produce Dolce D’Oro, which is Italian gelato made right here in Qatar, sherbets and ice cream cakes.

The opening of the factory started out in order to support the local food production industry to support the local food production. With support from Qatar Development Bank, Colosseum Deli became one of the few businesses that helped in creating a ‘Made in Qatar’ environment, resulting in better developed infrastructure in the food production industry.

The success went one step further in 2010, when Colosseum Doha began producing its own brand of authentic Italian cuisine, starting with fresh, hand-made pasta called Pasta Roma, eventually moving into a state-of-the art facility with in the QDB compound of industrial establishment having grown tremendously in the past few years.

Despite a difficult 2020 for everyone, Colosseum Doha reached new heights with Al Forno, a truly ‘Made in Qatar’ pizza brand with seven different flavours: Pizza Margherita, Pizza Diavola (Pepperoni), Pizza Four Cheese, Pizza Hawaiian (Pineapple), Pizza Ortolana (Vegetarian), Pizza Pescatore (Sea Food), Pizza Deliziosa (Turkey & Mushroom). Al Forno has holding a significant amount of market share in Qatar and is now being distributed in all major supermarkets in the country.

In 2020, Colosseum Doha also launched their virtual deli called Customers can order online and get Italian ingredients and food delivered to their doorstep.

At Colosseum Doha, only the highest quality of Italian ingredients are used to make our food and we make sure that no matter what, the taste is never compromised.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support QDB has shown us to become one of the premier brands in Qatar for Italian food. With only the best ingredients and most authentic Italian tastes, Colosseum Doha has something for everyone!” said Mr. Gianfrancesco Peretti, Founding partner of Colosseum Doha.