Valentine’s day is a few days away and there’s a solid chance your loved one might get your roses on this special occasion. However, oftentimes people tend to not care about what the message provided in the gift is. Whether the rose is meant to be as an expression of love. Or rather an expression of gratitude or appreciation.

This article will cover those differences in symbolism through colour, shape, and more.

Red thornless Roses

Red roses symbolise all those things that make a love story great: Passion, desire, true love, and romance. It’s no wonder why the red rose has become a classic Valentine’s Day flower!

However, a thornless rose could mean love at first sight, or it could be seen as an expression of trust and passion that has no bounds by pain nor restriction. As for thorned roses, it’s a sign of protection for the loved one. Some scientists speculate that roses might have thorns to protect them from being eaten by animals who are attracted to their wonderful smell.


Pink Roses

Often, pink represents femininity, refinement, sweetness, and elegance. But, a deep pink tends to symbolize gratitude and appreciation, making them another great choice for saying, “Thank you!” A lighter or pastel pink rose will contain messages of gentleness, happiness, gratefulness, and joy.

Purple Roses

Lavender roses represent enchantment, splendour, wonder, and mystery, making this rose colour meaning especially inspiring. The whimsical lavender hue is also associated with love or enchantment at first sight! Because these roses are so hard to come by, back in the day, they were also only meant for royalty. Thus, receiving purple roses means that the person thinks of you as someone dear and important to them.


White Roses

If you want to express your trust in someone, you can gift a white rose. It can be given to a teacher, mentor, friend, colleague, boss, or even to a dear family member. If you want to give a gift to a loved one (even a special person), a safe gift is a bouquet of white roses. A white rose conveys a neutral message.

This is because they represent purity, making them a perfect option for marriage. They also represent youthfulness, innocence, young love, and loyalty. Because of this, white roses are also viewed as a way to symbolize a new beginning and have come to represent love, much like the red roses we see so often.


Yellow Roses

The meaning of yellow roses is warmth and happiness. This comes as no surprise as their bright, sunny colour can instantly put a smile on anyone’s face!

They’re commonly known as friendship flowers because of all the joy they give, and a yellow rose bouquet is also thought to represent the joy that friend gives. It’s a lovely way to say “you make me very happy”.


Peach Roses

Peach roses hold special meaning because they convey a sense of sincerity, genuineness, modesty, and gratitude. A bouquet of peach roses is an appropriate gift for saying “thank you.” They also show gratitude after a business deal or communicate sympathy to a loved one.


Orange Roses

Orange is a vibrant and fiery colour that represents life, energy, passion, and excitement. A bouquet of fiery orange roses can help you say that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Orange rose bouquets in shades of coral or peach symbolises the joy that a relationship brings you.

They are a great motivational flower for someone who is starting something new or simply needs a little boost.


Purple Roses

As one of the rarest coloured roses around, purple roses symbolise enchantment and love at first sight. Because these roses are so hard to come by, back in the day, they were also only meant for royalty. And, still, now, they carry an air of regality with them and are seen as very majestic flowers. So, if you receive some purple roses from someone, they must think very highly of you!


Blue Roses

A blue rose means mystery and unattainability. As they do not exist in nature, they can be hard to create and attain which makes them a great flower to express unrequited love. If you love someone but you know that it can’t be, for whatever reason, then a blue rose is perfect to symbolise unrequited love with the understanding that it cannot be.


Black Roses

The black rose can be used as a symbol of death and mourning. This concept came from the tarot cards— the death card. There is a white rose on the death card, which represents new beginnings after death to see the positivity of a tragic situation and hope for a new life.

While roses themselves embody love, black roses can convey the unfortunate demise of a romance. A beautiful black rose delivery to a best friend who is going through a divorce is a stunning way to honour and empathize with the emotions they may be experiencing from the end of such an important relationship.


The Verdict

With so many roses of different hues to choose from, it may be difficult to find the right rose for your special someone.

So next time you’re at the florist’s office or grocery store, keep in mind the feeling you’re trying to convey and how you want it to be represented. If you’re feeling appreciative and excited for what’s to come, try out an orange rose. If you’re feeling happy to have someone in your life, a yellow rose might just be perfect for your recipient.

A uniquely coloured rose like a rainbow is a great choice for the inexperienced; a rainbow or red and white rose may help to weave together several feelings you’re trying to convey.

A beautiful bouquet of roses is still one of the purest and most loving ways you can show your gratitude for your spouse, significant other, family member, friend, or coworker that’s been doing a great job lately. Get creative with your bouquet choice today!