Here we are again, days away from welcoming the New Year. And there is this familiar feeling that comes with it: The New Year’s Resolution. Most people, if not all, have something they would like to achieve in the year to come. It may involve obtaining a promotion, travelling the world, or just learning how to cook. But again, most people will end up not accomplishing what they set their minds on. So much so, that nowadays people expect to fail their New Year’s resolutions. The culture of establishing a resolution, or a bunch of them, for the New Year is a productive act that rides on the thrill of new beginnings. These resolutions can indeed be fulfilled when made with the right approach discussed below.

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Be Realistic

“I want to learn ten new languages”

“My plan is to become the world’s famous painter.”

“I would like to have a street named after me.”

What is the common trait between these three resolutions? They are very ambitious, unique but also highly unrealistic. While picking what resolutions to achieve, the goal is to be as realistic as possible. Try to see if there is a tangible way of implementing the set resolution within the time frame of one year. If there is, then it means that it is realistic. For example, if the resolution is to buy a house, assessing financial and social capabilities is a good start. This way not only way you will make a well-informed choice and will not get discouraged along the way.

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Make Small Steps

The way you plan your goal is also another factor that determines whether the resolution will be successful or not. Again, if the resolution is to purchase a house, it is not wise and definitely not effective to just jump the gun and sign the lease. The steps necessary to achieve the goal should be clearly defined and broken down into smaller, easy-to-do portions. This will give you the feeling of satisfaction and encouragement that comes along with accomplishing goals as you get through them one by one. Breaking a goal down also helps ease the fear of failure by affirming your mind that you are doing what you set out to do.

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Progress Over Perfection

This is a big one for most people. We expect every single broken down piece of our plan to be executed as perfectly as we’d imagined it. We want to lose exactly five pounds a week or we want our second painting to grab the eyes of a rich buyer. It is easy to get caught up in the “perfect plan”. It is not a matter of hitting a tally point for the week for achievement or ticking off a box off the plan, but about change. The focus should be on how you are progressing towards achieving your goal despite failures that you may come across. Remember: progress over perfection.

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Tell your loved ones about your resolutions. Involve them in your progress. Having people cheering you on along this journey is a great way to carry the energy and excitement of the new year day throughout the year. During inevitable challenges that may tempt you to give up, your support group will surely help you get back on track and start again.  And if you need a little push when it comes to accountability, you have people to keep you in check.

As the new year is upon us with a new hope of new beginnings, we are faced with the need to make resolutions. It is definitely not easy to see a plan through in a course of one year and find yourself satisfied with your fulfilled goal. But all hope is not lost as it is achievable. All it takes is the right mindset and a little bit of motivation and love. Happy New Year.

Written by Bisrat Atalay Tasew

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