AllandAbout Chef’s Special: Cappellacci with Mediterranean Filling

With a background in hospitality, Chef Trovato Claudio started his early years working at his family-owned hotel in 1978. Following his studies in the University of Catania, Chef Trovato Claudio held various chef positions in countries outside of Italy including Senegal, Kenya, Malta, Armenia and Brazil until he finally returned to his home country, Italy, as a chef and partner in his own Italian restaurants. Working aside his culinary career, Chef Trovato also gave culinary classes and participated in televised shows on the art of Italian cuisine.


Cappellacci mari & monti in salsa agrodolce con gamberi
Homemade filled pasta (cappellacci) with prawns and sweet & sour sauce

Cucina, Marriott Marquis – Doha, Qatar

10 gr. Fresh homemade pasta, 80 gr. Tomato Sauce, 60 gr. Colored Bell Peppers, 100 gr. Eggplant, 50 gr. Prawns, 20gr. Onion, 15 gr. Basil, 10 gr. Honey, 15 gr. Parmesan cheese, 25 gr. Olive Oil Extra Virgin, 10 gr. Salt, 10 gr. Pepper, 10gr. Garlic

For the Sauce:
10 gr. Garlic, 80 gr. Tomato sauce, 40 gr. Bell peppers, 5 gr, salt, 5 gr. Basil, 15 gr. Olive oil,

For the Stuffing:
50gr eggplant, 20 gr. Prawns, 10 gr. Basil, 20 gr. bell pepper, 20 gr. Onion, 10 gr. oil, 5 gr. salt, 3 gr. Pepper


For the sauce
Fry garlic with eggplant and all the ingredients for the minutes. When the sauces become cold pass it in a mix glass and blend it until the sauce become fluid.

For the stuffing
Stew all the ingredient together for 15 minutes. Put in a mixer glass when they become cold. Add the parmesan cheese, honey and 15 gr. of raw oil. Cover and put in the fridge.

On the plate place on the bottom the fried the sliced eggplant, on top of them the sauce and boiled prawn.

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