Experience the exciting fusion of Latin American and local authentic flavors inspired and influenced by Peru’s famous street food stalls

1 March 2021, Doha, Qatar— Toro Toro, an eight-time award-winning pan-Latin American restaurant, invites guests to indulge in one of the most enticing culinary experience and concepts yet, in a magical and warm atmosphere. Feira Do Toro, known as Latin American street food concept, is inspired by local anticucheria around Latin America, especially Peru, and influenced by some of the region’s best dishes, which are found on the streets, at roadside carts and cafes.

The patio is where all the magic will happen, and all the special aromas and delicious flavours will come to life. Every Wednesday, Toro Toro will illuminate the outdoor area and fire the grill to host its Feira Do Toro night.


The menu is divided into two parts. “De La Anticucheria” is the first part of the menu, where guests can choose from a wide selection of Anticuchos, which are literally the heart of Peruvian food. Anticuchos are popular and delicious dishes originated as street food in Peru and consist of small pieces of grilled skewered meat. The first bite of meat is incredibly soft. The meat has an amazingly firm but juicily tender consistency which is incredibly the same tenderness all the way through with Its smoky, full of charcoal aroma. They call it Peruvian Street-Meat Dream, an unmissable creation of the Peruvian cuisine. Additionally, Chicken, grilled Prawns, Kashkaval Cheese and Oyster Mushrooms can be found in this section.

The second part of the menu is labeled as “De La Calle” where guests can indulge in some of the best Latin American street food dishes like Brisket Sliders, Crispy Chicken Waffles, Pastel de Queijo and Crispy Squid.

The influences of different cultures throughout time have helped shape Peruvian cuisine but some of Latin America’s best dishes are found on the streets, at roadside carts.


Head Chef Edgar Hurtado discovered the inspiration behind the menu: ‘’What inspired me to create this menu was the tradition of my culture, the flavors of the street, the love of the people for fast food. I want to recreate the flavors of the street, the diversity and the love I have for it.  It reminds me of my origins. It reminds me of my childhood and eating this type of food make feel like I am in Latin America.’’

Toro Toro is one of three outlets inspired by Chef Richard Sandoval alongside ‘Zengo’ and ‘Maya’. Its venue fuses traditional and contemporary tastes while maintaining a vibrant yet sophisticated atmosphere suitable for families, couples and large groups. A warm yet luxurious set-up alongside a selection of the finest Latin-inspired cocktails in one of Doha’s favorite restaurants.

Located at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha, Toro Toro’s Feira De Toro is available every Wednesday from 6pm to 11pm.

To get a taste of the real deal and celebrate Peru’s culinary traditions and inventions, reserve on:

Ph: +974 4035 5101

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