There are still a few days left of summer before it’s back to work/school. Some people are still enjoying their vacation out of Qatar, but the few who are back (or never left to begin with).. what’s there to do? And who would want to do anything in this intense heat and humidity!?

Well, no one ever said you had to go outdoors to enjoy your last days of summer! Doha Festival City’s got some indoor activities that you, your friends and your family can enjoy!


1. Angry Birds World

Containing both Indoor and Outdoor parks, Angry Birds World (TM) takes visitors through a range of 20 high-thrill rides for all ages, featuring the infamous flock of Angry Birds! Inside the park includes a wide array of Food & Beverage outlets, retail shops, ‘edutainment’ activities and a host of attractions that are sure to engage and entertain anyone who enters.

Some of the indoor activities include:

  • Fierce Flight Tree – A challenging, rope obstacle course that’s sure to test one’s strength and agility. Will you be able to win the race against your friends and family?
  • Blast Bomb – Anyone will have a heart-pounding experience as you get catapulted into the air in one of the most thrilling attractions in the park.
  • Trampoline Universe – This is as close to flying as you can get. Go crazy and bounce around on this 1300 square meter attraction.

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2. Snow Dunes

If you’re looking to cool down from the Qatari heat, Snow Dunes is the perfect place for you! Being Qatar’s first indoor snow park, it features an Arabian-style castle set in the distant past. Inspired by a local folklore tale where a cold wave in spring blankets the land in snow, the park utilises the world’s most advanced snow-production technology to create nature-identical snow at 4 degrees Celcius. The park features a variety of rides and attractions suitable for anyone!

Some of the attractions include:

  • Dune Dash – Being more than 50m in length, this is the longest slide in the park!
  • Snowy Mount – Climb to the top of their Snowy Mount and experience an action-packed adventure.
  • Snow Storm – Race to the bottom of this thrilling slide with your friends or family. This duo racer ride will take you by storm.

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3. Virtuocity

Virtuocity (TM) is, not only Qatar, but the region’s first dedicated digital gaming capital that merges the virtual world and the real world in a thrilling, competitive environment.

It’s equipped with full-motion racing simulators, escape rooms and a multipurpose eSports arena. It’s the hub for all gamers in Qatar. Virtuocity brings players and teams against each other using innovative, cutting-edge technology at the forefront.

Attractions at Virtuocity:

  • V Cube – Using the most advanced and best virtual reality HDM headset technology – the HTC Vive Pro creates a simulated and artificial environment. It gives the users an experience like no other, immersive and enables them to interact with 3D worlds.
  • Escape Rooms – Virtuocity currently has 6 escape rooms, each with different themes, that’s sure to provide a challenging experience like no other. Will you be able to escape in time?
  • Racer – Racer is a pro-F1 racing simulator with real-world racetracks, motion sensors and top-notch graphics. It’ll prove to be a tough test even for experienced drivers.

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As per COVID-19 restrictions set by the government, please make sure to abide by the precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, showing your Ehteraz vaccinated/green status, and frequent hand washing/sanitizing.


Article by: Karl Francis Belga