Nightlife in Tbilisi?

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Nightlife in Tbilisi? Tbilisi is the largest city in Georgia, its capital and also the best town in the country to spend a few nights out. When it comes to clubbing, Tbilisi does not have much of a tradition, although there are quite a few clubs in the city for you to visit, especially during the weekend.

There are quite a few bars and restaurants in the city where you can have some great times and we will be looking at a few of the hottest spots in the entire city here.


Café Gallery

is something between a club and an art gallery, just as the name would suggest. It features a huge main room with windows going all around it and with gorgeous art work on the walls, constantly changing and displaying the works of Georgian and Caucasus Region artists.


is a hidden bar that you cannot even notice from the street. You will find only a green door that features the face of Apollo. All you need to do is press the buzzer and you will be invited to come in.

Canudos Ethnic Bar

is an unpretentious spot where tourists and locals who are more liberal and progressive hang out in a pleasant, warm atmosphere. It features nothing but a bar, bare floors and simplest tables and chairs possible. If you want to party in Tbilisi, this is the place to be.


is probably the coolest, sleekest place in all of Tbilisi, stylishly and meticulously designed, with plenty to offer to everyone who comes for a drink. It is one of those spots where you come to spend the night talking and meeting new people.


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