A night out clubbing can be fun and highly pleasurable. You get it all—the energy and atmosphere, great music and dancing, friends, eye candy, drinking and hooking up. What’s not to love? But your wonderful night of joys can quickly go down the drain if you don’t know how to steer clear of variety of hassles that can kill your buzz and make you wish you were back home.

Common sense is the key, and thoughtful preparation is your insurance policy against a number of clubbing disasters. All it takes is following a few simple pointers that will ensure you and your friends enjoy the nightclub scene and stay out of trouble.

To help you think straight (even when you’re not) and plan ahead, here’s a list of seven tips guaranteed to improve your nightclub game.


This is common sense and should go without saying, but you’d be surprised. Take a shower right before you go out. Brush your teeth. Wear a strong deodorant (especially if you’re going to be dancing) and cologne or perfume. Fix your hair. Do your best to look clean, sexy and attractive.


Charge your cellphone and make sure you have your friends’ phone numbers in it. Bring a photo ID, a credit card and cash in various denominations–from $1 to $20. (By the way, count your change. Bartenders can make mistakes, and some take advantage of drunken patrons by short-changing them. One good reason to choose a reputable night club). Carry a pack of gum or breath mints in your pocket or purse to freshen your mouth in a flash. Last, but not least, don’t forget to bring condoms if you plan to hook up.


Oh, the ruined nights that could be avoided if people simply paid attention to dress codes! Some night clubs have and enforce dress code rules. Classy clubs expect their guests to be fashionably elegant, and can you blame them? A night club is no place for flip flops. Girls can get away with almost (almost) anything, but guys must adhere to strict dress code rules or risk not getting into the clubs. Be smart. Call the club or visit its website ahead of time to make sure you fit the code.

The following dress code rules are enforced by some:

  • No flip flops or sandals.
  • No tennis shoes or sneakers.
  • No T-shirts or torn shirts.
  • No sports wear or athletic attire.
  • No ripped jeans.
  • No shorts (guys).
  • No excessively baggy pants or jeans.
  • No below-the-waist pants.
  • No baseball caps.
  • No big rapper-style gold chains.
  • No sunglasses.

And remember, dressing well not only will get you inside the club but will also make you stand out in the crowd. Dress according to your expectations.


Why postpone the fun? Arriving late means fewer hours of partying and a tougher time finding parking, getting in, navigating the club and finding the perfect spot for you and your posse to launch your pickup strategies for the night. First come, first served–remember? Avoid lines at the door and the bar and take advantage of early arrival door specials such as, for example, free entry for ladies from 10 pm to 11 pm.


But don’t get so drunk and wasted that you become a joke. Playing the slobbering drunk will hinder your nightclub game. It can also get you kicked out. Don’t be a fool.


If you have a less than successful time picking up girls or guys when out clubbing, educate yourself. Learn from experienced pickup artists. Read—there are plenty of websites and books with numerous tips on how to break the ice and hook up at clubs. Work on these techniques and on your personality to make yourself more confident and charming.


VIP bottle service is one of the great pleasures in life. You get to indulge in exquisite alcohol and be treated like royalty. Granted, VIP table service can be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. You’re paying a premium not only for the expedited entry into the club, the alcohol, mixers and attentive service, but you’re also paying the club for your own piece of real estate for the night.

VIP table bookings usually require you to spend a minimum amount that often includes tax and tip and which may depend on the day of the week, the entertainment provided that night, the number of people in your party and how close your table is to the action. Given the cover costs and drink prices, bottle service can make sense financially if you have enough people in your group willing to pitch in.

Go ahead, live a little!

Written by G. Torres, meetoverdrinks.tv