BOHO Social Managing Partner Mr. Jamal Wick


Last week, All And About Qatar resident writer Lucas Raven got an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with the head honcho of Boho Social – Mr. Jamal Wick. Get to know more about Qatar’s latest ‘it place’ at Katara Beach.

Lucas: What is Boho Social about?

Jamal: Boho Social is a modern and eclectic social destination inspired by the Bohemian era, hence the name, BOHO Social. BOHO comes from the word “bohemian” which represents a free-spirited person, a traveler and a creative – you can see these characteristics reflected throughout our design, our people and our culinary.

Lucas: Where did you get the inspiration from?

Jamal: When I first saw the location and space I immediately wanted to do something different and new to Doha. I knew I had to go all out and think outside the box, switch on the creative mind and get to work. I get a lot of inspiration from traveling and growing up myself in different parts of the world.

BOHO Social is a collective journey of inspiration from the beautiful places I’ve been exposed to.

It’s a collective display of all things beautiful about life. Design, art, food, colors, expression, most of all, storytelling.

Lucas: What made you decide to venture in Qatar?

Jamal: This is my third restaurant project in Qatar, I started off here in late 2015 with launching our first project Rice & Noodle, followed by The Bowl in the Pearl. I seek for opportunities and when I feel it’s the right one I jump into it full-hearted and with lots of passion which has worked out well for us so far.

Qatar has shown the world its resilience. It’s a very exciting new destination and the F&B scene here is becoming more and more competitive. Truly inspiring. Qatar has inspired me in so many ways, which is why I am here now and will continue to open more doors to new ideas.

Lucas: What made you sure that Qatar is ready for a dining experience that is very “outside the box”?

Jamal: The people in Qatar, whether locals or expats, are very well-traveled and well-exposed individuals, they are creative and open to newness. I know that they have an eye for “good food”. They’ve been ready for a while.

Lucas: If Boho Social’s menu is a storybook, what story would it be telling?

Jamal: It would tell a story of a lifelong journey of an eclectic family who collects experiences all around the universe. It’s like coming home and having all these impeccable ideas which you paint, to translate into a canvas. That’s the story right there.

Lucas: What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

Jamal: If I had to choose just one, I would say Arroz BOHO; it’s our house specialty, a better version of a Paella. The combination of flavors with the final touch of Leche de Tigre done by the Chef, just blows my mind away with every bite. You must come and try it yourself!

Lucas: Tell us about your journey to launch BOHO Social here in Doha.

Jamal: It’s been a long and exciting journey. I am so proud to see the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place. I am confident that we have created something new and different to this beautiful country and I am proud to see Qatar growing in the right direction in the F&B scene. Our people at BOHO Social are what sets us apart and we have carefully selected the team from all corners of the world.

Lucas: Your advice to new Restauranteurs who are reading this.

Jamal: Do it with passion, know your market inside out, study competition well, be a trendsetter and think outside the box.

Lucas: How will BOHO Social give back to the community? What are the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?


  • We have a very strict policy to plastic consumption; all our packaging is plastic-free.
  • We are working closely with local organic suppliers of fruits and vegetables and rely mostly on purchasing local products.
  • We will be hosting educative talks about nutrition, well-being and wholesome.
  • BOHO Social Saturday market; a place where local products and crafts can be displayed and sold from various people from Qatar.

We also have a very strong People Engagement approach with our staff. I make sure to train them well, build knowledge and confidence for them to be the best version of themselves and ensure they can grow.

Lucas: What makes BOHO Social Qatar’s new ‘it place’?

Jamal: Well our venue is spectacular. That said, we also have a beautiful menu! The menu is a culinary journey into the Americas, Asia, Southern Europe and with the Middle East as its home base. The food is familiar and always fresh, wholesome, organic where possible and with vegan options. The presentation is colorful and each dish needs to be instagramable. We are so blessed to be attracting such amazing individuals. You’ll see an Ambassador sitting right next to your table, an overachiever, an athlete, influencers come all the time with their families and friends, filmmakers and creators. BOHO Social is a hub of brilliant minds. We are very proud of it.

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