According to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s Animal Resources Department, dogs are not permitted in public areas in general. Although there are some of the famously known places and public areas that are pet-friendly! We discovered there are some areas, restaurant or café that allows you to bring your pet as listed below:


  • Al Bidda Park – Rumaila area

Photo Courtesy of ‘Expat Woman’

Photo Courtesy of ‘Expat Woman’


One of the very first parks in Qatar that allows pets around which makes it the ultimate park for everyone – including your furry friends! Pet owners are allowed to exercise or walk their dogs as long as their pets are always leashed at all times. Just like any other park, pet parents are also expected to carry bags and scoop to clean after their pets as these items are not facilitated at the park.


  • Location: Al Bidda Park is one of the biggest parks in Corniche which is visible along the Corniche Street and Majlis Al Taawon Street, Doha – Qatar.
  • The park has no specific timings of their operating hours which means it is open every day of the week, 24 hours.
  • Nearest Metro station: Al Bidda Metro station (Green & Red Line)


  • The Pearl – Several Areas

Source: Flickr


Source: The Pearl


The Pearl provides one of the longest sidewalks that stretch at an appropriate length to take your pets on a long stroll around the area. With the beautiful view of The Pearl area, it’s truly recommended that pet parents take their dogs on walks along Porto Arabia Drive and Qanat Quartier. These areas are the famous ones for dog walks. Not to mention, there is a pet store called Furr Camp around the corner of Qanat Quartier, which is why Qanat Quartier also known as the most recommended area to live in for pet parents.



  • West Bay

Photo Courtesy of New In Doha

Several areas in West Bay allow dog walking activities such as the Doha Sports Park located within the Doha Golf Club. The park accommodates space for all kinds of sports and activities including dog walking! With the beautiful backdrop of the golf course and palm tree-lined grass pitches, the park includes high-quality sports pitches and facilities that can be easily booked.


The park is popular among other dog owners hence if you walk your dog there, it would be the perfect place to help socialize little puppies with other dogs and pet parents. Pet parents are recommended to always have their pets on a leash and also expected to clean after their furry babies within the area.


  • Location: Doha Golf Club, West Bay – Doha, Qatar
  • Operating Schedule: Sunday-Thursday, 4PM-12AM
  • Fridays & Saturdays, 8-12AM
  • Contact them at 4496-0444 or email them at


  • Al Wakrah ‘Dog Beach’

Source: Facebook Page ‘Al Wakrah Dog Beach’

Located nearby the Souq Wakrah, local residents can help lead you to the famous Al Wakrah ‘Dog Beach’. It is an open beach that is pretty empty and most people do not go there for aesthetic purposes. Instead, it is a place where pet parents take their dog to run, jump and play off-leash and let them enjoy the water. It is mostly recommended that pet parents take their pets during a low tide so that they can swim around the shallow area along the coastline.


  • Oxygen Park

Photo Courtesy of Qatar Foundation

The famous park located in Education City is open for dog-walking as long as they are on a leash and taken care of at all times.

  • Location: Education City, Ar Rayan
  • Operating Hours: Daily, 6AM-11PM
  • Nearest Metro station: Education City & Qatar National Library, Metro station (Green Line)



  • 5/6 Park

Photo Courtesy of Qatar Living

The locally-sourced and built park has lots of facilities for visitors and tourists like areas with shading, a playground for kids with various games suitable for several age groups, areas perfect for celebrations, and spaces that show art pieces. Not to mention, there are areas accommodated for exercises and fitness.

The 5/6 Park gets its name from the monument known as the ‘5/6 Arch.’ The park is strategically located, surrounded by tourist hotspots such as Katara, Lusail, and the West Bay beach.

The best part about the park is that dogs are permitted entry as long as they are on a leash at all times.

  • Location: Onaiza, Doha – Qatar
  • Timings: Open Daily, 6AM-11PM
  • Nearest Metro station: Al Qassar Metro station (Red line)



Please keep in mind that your pets are on a leash at all times and that you will have to carry an extra bag to clean after them, in many cases needed. Always make sure that your pet are well trained to socialize with other pets and pet owners.


Which of these places are you looking forward to walking your dog at?