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In our daily life we are challenged in many ways – at work, when taking care of children, in sports etc. If your body is not strong enough or you lack self-awareness, with time you can be affected by chronic pains and other diseases.

This is why we must make our bodies strong and ready for anything that comes our way, so we can live pain free and injury free life. To build the body’s armor we need a balance between flexibility and strength in our spine, shoulders, back and feet.

Each part is important: why is the spine so important?

The spine is the main structure of your body: it supports your head, holds your shoulders, holds your trunk as you sit and stand, it also protects your spinal cord. Imagine your spine as a stack of blocks and your muscles as elastics, each movement of the elastic affects the blocks. You have to be careful, that the tension and balance of each elastic is in good form and good function.

What is the center of your body?

Your hips and pelvic area. This structure holds your upper and lower limbs together along with the heavy working muscles of your hips which are in turn connected to your spine. It is important that they are strong and balanced.

Every single moment while you stand, walk, dance or play sports you put pressure on your foot. Your foot is a small structure which is a complicated arrangement of bones to support your body weight and movement. This is why you need to be aware of your foot‘s health so you are able to maintain the function and correct alignment of your body structure.

How long can you neglect your body?

It might send you warning signs via pain, stiffness, or weakness. Let’s start listening and strengthening our body together! Evolve offers a Bullet Proof class where you will learn how to release tension and how to strengthen your muscles with many techniques and equipment which you can apply to your daily life.

Written by Mhew Kote-Phet
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