Preparations are underway for the ninth edition of the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival scheduled from December 3 to 16 with the participation of 11 countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Turkey, India, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iran, and Zanzibar.

The festival features a programme full of activities, events and exhibitions that highlight maritime history and heritage and related traditional arts, in addition to competitions and cultural and recreational activities held in a pleasant atmosphere.

Visitors will see a unique showcase of traditional boats in Qatar, through a marina on Katara Beach  as well as restaurants and cafes, in addition to workshops on traditional vessels manufacturing and marine craftsmen market of Qatar.

Participating countries will also display traditional maritime crafts and tools including shipbuilding, ropes, sail and dredging machines, besides the old market, where the visitors can find all sailors’ requirements during fishing and diving trips, as well as a fish market, which presents fresh fish of all species existing in Qatar.

A file photo of one of the competitions from last year’s Katara Traditional Dhow Festival. (source: Peninsula Qatar)

The festival will also provide visitors with the opportunity to taste various famous seafood dishes of the participating countries, in addition to the maritime museums that narrate important periods of maritime history, as well as folk band performances and art workshops for children.

The festival will also include a forum that hosts the crew of Fath Al Khair 4, which was launched last July from the Bosphorus Strait as part of a naval tour in Europe with the aim of promoting the 2022 World Cup event, and introduce maritime heritage during evenings of the festival. The forum will host ambassadors and governors of coastal cities visited by Fath Al Khair 4.

Maritime competitions will be organised during the festival, that will include rowing, sailing, Al Haddaq, free swimming, Al Brikha, Al Jinan, Shoush and Tafris, in addition to Senyar contest.


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