Chocolate Dishes to Try in Doha

There’s no one who wouldn’t say no to chocolate. With a strong coffee culture, dessert is paired with the drink day and night, and the creativity in desserts and sweets have taken over the city in leaps and bounds over the last few years. No matter how much the calories, chocolate is one thing we all can mutually agree upon whether young or old.

Cinnamon Pouch Crepe from Dip n Dip Qatar (QAR 40)


Source: Mall of Qatar

There’s nothing like indulging in crepe filled with cream cheese, topped with chocolate, and bananas to balance the taste with a tinge of cinnamon – ah perfection!

Chocolate Bomb from Sugar & Spice ( Aspire Branch) ( QAR 35)


Source: Sugar & Spice Qatar

With an approximate 18 minutes of pre-warned waiting time, the wait is worth all of it. Warm fondant filled with creamy melted Nutella, and served with vanilla ice cream on the side. Yum!

Kinder Nutella Mini Pancakes from Poffy’s ( QAR 33)

Want to get your share of choco with steaming hot mini pancakes while you shop, Poffy’s in Doha Festival City is worth the mini-pancake hype. If Kinder is not your thing, ask for a combination of strawberry and milk chocolate topping. Seriously so droolworthy!

Triple Chocolate Crepe from Dip n Dip Qatar (QAR 40)


Source: Instagram

This crepe is served with 3 of the signature chocolates – milk, dark and white. If chocolate is all you want to enjoy, then this crepe with chocolate is a must-have.

Godiva Chocolate Cheese cake from The Cheesecake Factory (QAR 38)


Source: The Cheesecake Factory

Creamy and with a rich texture, you will be wanting to order this over and over again. Seriously! That’s how good this cheesecake is.

Mascarpone Maia Crepe from Maia Chocolaterie ( QAR 35)

This quirky Turkish chocolate place has some of the best chocolates we have ever had. Melts in the mouth and you are taken to paradise. Yes that’s the kind of chocolate you get here. It’s also quite instagrammable with swings for seats, and taking you back to your childhood while you swing your sorrows away, and indulge in some rich good choco. Always love a little bit of mascarpone/cream to balance off the rich chocolate. If that sounds like you, then this is your, dish.

What are your must-try chocolate dishes in Doha? Let us know!

By: Khansa Abul Jaleel  @creativitywithkay

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