Summer Body Manual: Exercises to tone up at home

Not everyone has time or money to join a gym. Some even prefer to exercise at home. For those who want to get that lean and toned up body for the summer, exercising at home can yield the same result as working out at the gym. The workouts below require no equipment and can be done in a short amount of time. So, pull up your exercise mat, plenty of water and start your workout.

Body Weight Squats

Doing squats is an effective way to tone your legs without overly developing your muscle. It will give you those long, lean legs that go on for days.

How to:

Stand with shoulder feet apart and slowly bend to the squat position as if you are about to sit down. Both knees should be parallel to the thighs. Hold the squat for few seconds before coming back up. For balance, stretch your arms forward or bend them behind your head. Multiple sets are required to get the desired result.

Reverse Push-Up

The Reverse Push-Up tones the upper body and is beneficial for sculpting the arm and back muscles.

How To:

Lie on your mat, back flat to the floor. Bend both arms and knees with the hands on the floor and your fingers pointing south of your head. Arch your back, and elevate yourself using your arms and extending your elbow. Hold the reverse push up for few seconds and return to starting position. Three sets of five repetitions will properly tone your body.

Twisting Mountain Climbers

This tones your arms, thigh muscles and of course your core.

How To:

Start with a plank, wrists under your shoulders. Your form should be straight from head to toe. Bring right knee to meet left elbow, tightening your belly. Repeat on the left and alternate for sixty seconds.

Plank Taps

How To:

Start in a plank, wrists under your shoulders. Your form should be straight from head to toe. Balance your body weight on the left side and lift your right arm. Bring the right hand to tap the left shoulder. Hold the position and bring the right hand to the ground. Alternate for sixty seconds.

Bicycle Crunches

How To:

Lie on your back, hands touching behind your head with your elbows out and legs extended. Lift your arms, legs, and torso from the ground and bend your left knee. Twist your body to the left, meeting your right elbow to your left knee. Alternate sides for sixty seconds.

The Classic Pull up

How To:

Everyone knows how to do a pull-up. Have a bar that is above your height and hold it shoulder width apart with your palms facing forward. Pull the body up in a steady motion. Repeat pull up for the desired time.

The Side Lunge

The side lunge tones the side muscles of the thigh.

How to:

Legs wide apart, begin by stepping into the side with the stationary leg straightened to full extension. Push up to the standing position using the side-stepping leg and repeat the movement with the other side. One to three sets of eight to ten reps per side is recommended.

Written By:

Bisrat Atalay Tasew


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