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You know that having an active lifestyle has so many benefits, but if pumping iron in the gym isn’t your idea of fun, nor is weathering through a “people-y” hour-long aerobics class. And before anyone suggests going outside for a walk or a bike ride, you remind them that outdoor workouts are your idea of the perfect nightmare. But then, so is being eternally glued to your sofa. If this sounds anything like you, not all is lost. Because it turns out that there are things you can do to stay active from the comfort of your own home, without spending a penny!

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Stay on your feet

Research has shown that getting up to walk a couple of minutes every hour could counteract the negative health effects linked to sitting around for a long period of time. Not only can this be done at home, but it doesn’t have to feel like a deliberate chore either! You can have your walking time while you’re on the phone watching a video, playing a game or listening to a podcast. Instead of always lounging around for screen time, why not add a healthy twist?

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Play with the kids

A study earlier this year had social media users sniggering because it suggested that the fitness levels of children are comparable to endurance athletes. This was obviously no surprise to parents as many have actually described keeping up with their children to feel like a full-blown workout.

Next time your munchkins ask you to join in with their games, you should say yes! You never know, you might even enjoy letting out your inner child…or endurance athlete, whatever works for you. And if structured, at-home workouts are your thing, why not include them in your routine as well? Which brings us to the next tip…

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Embrace the exercise video

If recreating the feel of a workout class is your thing, there are oodles of free content online to help you do just that. Follow a video with a fun routine to the last step, or mix and match between the different exercise ideas shown in dozens of online articles and videos.

Turn water-bottles and cans into make-shift dumbbells and voila! You’re workout ready! The kids can follow your moves too and if they’re too young for weights, Paige Waehner, a certified personal trainer, suggests rolled-up sock “dumbbells” as an alternative.

I know I said that you won’t have to spend any money for these tips, but sparing a bit of cash for a hula-hoop, gym ball or even actual dumbbells can’t hurt and might just add the kick of activity you need in your life.

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Chores count

Cleaning, gardening and just about anything else that will get you moving and maybe break a bit of a sweat count. Find joy in the mundane and rest assured knowing that even on your most boring days, you could be doing your body good. If you’re going upstairs to scrub the toilet, why not make it a personal challenge and time yourself to see how fast you can run to get there?

And there you have it, tips to help you get on the move even in your most reclusive days. Welcome to the active life! Now it’s not so bad, is it?





By Tesneem Ayoub

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