Live Like a Royal: Fitness and Nutrition

Working out and eating healthy are two requirements that are essential to staying healthy and fit. And, the royals are no different than the average person in that regard. Here is how The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William do it.

“My mom was a yoga instructor so that practice is in my blood. I love an intense vinyasa class — and even better if it’s blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.” Meghan Markle is a yoga enthusiast, due to being the daughter of a yoga instructor. Additionally, she maintains and tones her body by undertaking pilates, her machine of choice being the Megaformer Pilates.

It is very important to have positive motivation when training, which is

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provided by her personal instructor who boasts about her dedication in the gym. He crafted a specific workout including; a five-minute cardio warmup, five minutes of dynamic stretching, a 30-minute circuit run, and five minutes of stretching to cool down. He also stated that Markle works out at home when she is unable to come to the gym. “I do it all on my own,” Markle says, “I do DVDs at home or I go for a run by myself. I think if you can self-motivate, that’s half the battle.”

One essential routine that Markle never skips out on is, ‘breakfast.’ Her to go breakfast meal consists of steel-cut oats, topped with bananas or other fresh fruit and layered with Manuka honey and bee pollen, along with a mug of warm water and lemon in the morning. She also consumes a special green smoothie, that she drinks to recharge instead of caffeine in the afternoon. Here is the recipe to recreate her go-to smoothie.


½ cup of frozen blueberries

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 packet of your shake powder of choice

chia seeds (personal preference)

½ cup almond milk

¼ cup of coconut water

At times when The Duchess Kate Middleton wants to shed extra pounds, she starts following The Dukan Diet, which is essentially a low carb and high protein.  Kate Middleton’s daily diet consists of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and whole wheat bread to achieve her lean body. Even though she refrains from temptations, Kate Middleton does enjoy the occasional sweet treat. Her son, Prince George, is big a fan of cake.

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Her active lifestyle is also what contributes to her healthy physique. She loves running, rowing and swimming. Just like her sister-in-law, she uses yoga to distress. Between her cardio, weight training and outdoor activities, yoga helps to stretch her body. Having a workout buddy is a motivator and makes the workout even more enjoyable. The Duchess’s buddy is her sister Pippa Middleton, who enjoy running going to the gym together.



Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the men.

The Prince’s workout is cramped into 11 minutes in the morning. Although, this is not to say he doesn’t visit the gym, this workout is the first thing he does before breakfast. The workout is called the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX plan and both Prince Charles and Prince Phillip were fans of the program.

Royals didn’t achieve the perfect physique in overnight. They were dedicated and kept pushing forward, putting their physical and mental health first. And the work paid off, let us know your workout routine in the comments below.

*Be sure to consult a physician before acting upon these fitness and nutrition plans.

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By Bisrat Atalay Tasew


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