The Vicious Trap of Social Media

We, as a generation, are addicted to social media. Our lives begin with checking the instagram and Facebook stories and ends by scrolling through the feeds. We believe what we see, we envy the ones who have fun and judge the ones who complain, and our lives have now been stuck in the vicious trap of social media. The chances of people scrolling through stories and being sad that their lives are not that ‘cool’, ‘happening’ or ‘entertaining’ is way too high, especially in the recent times.

How many times have you logged on to your social media account and immediately been upset or sad that your life is not that happening, your clothes are not that cool or your life schedule is not that entertaining? This is a struggle that everybody goes through without understanding one small thing – most people do not enjoy sharing their low/sad moments on social media. So anybody’s stories or posts are bound to be of happy moments, delicious food, and awesome memories.

Another thing that we really need to remind ourselves is – it is okay to not be constantly doing something, just for the online validation. You could have a friend who travels every weekend, meanwhile you find it difficult to make one plan work. Your social media friend could be posting new pictures and videos from fancy places, while you are stuck at work/ sick at home. And the one thing that we need to remember is – IT IS OKAY! You are not in a race to display the most fancy lifestyle, you are in this life to live it the way you want.

At the end of the day, what matters is if you are happy and satisfied with where you are, or more importantly if you are doing everything in your capability to reach that goal. Other things don’t matter. But in this world of FOMO and YOLO, we have forgotten that this judgement is exactly what we fought against in real life. Remember when we dissed those nosy relatives who judged us for buying a fancy dress or partying late night? Why have we, as a community gone back to doing exactly that online?

While we may have different emotions, like genuine sadness on not being able to party so hard, why is it that we care so much about putting it all online? And the ones who are putting up their happy memories and fun parties online, do we really know what they are going through? If not, then why can’t we just go back to enjoying other people’s life updates, while living our lives the way we want? The internet has given us many good things, including the perks of social media, but it is high time we teach ourselves to step out of the vicious trap of social media, and remember that it is okay to be where ever we are in the journey of life.

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