Lately, as Covid-19 cases have begun to rise, it’s clear that it’s distinct from the other waves that have washed upon us in the past. The Omicron variant has proved to be quick to spread yet less vicious than before. The desperate need for oxygen supply and the lack of beds and vacant space in hospitals were significant issues people had faced in the past. Still, now with the new variant, there seems to be no such panic from both the community and the country.

To most, that proves how harmless Omicron is, but the lack of research and the spread of misinformation leads to the idea that Omicron can’t be fatal is untrue. Like all other Covid variants, there’s always the chance of it going sideways, and instead of getting the minor symptoms, it could be deadly. Thus, taking preventive measures and staying safe away from big crowds would be a wise decision.

But the question arises, does this mean that Qatar will start treating Covid like the flu? Last week, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has stated in an interview with Spain’s premier radio network that the situation is different from what it was in the beginning—hinting at the collective consideration of changing Covid’s classification from a pandemic to an endemic.

Note that the difference between the two terms is simply that an endemic disease is known when and where to spread, thus, it is predictable by us. So, this is where most people disagree, and it revolves around Covid’s volatility and ever-changing variants and fatality levels.

The debate regarding Covid’s endemicity comes from the collective immunity of our community. As more people get their natural immunity by getting Covid, we get closer to endemicity and the sooner it’s done, the sooner things can get back to normal.

Overall, everyone should stay safe and focus on maintaining their health, hoping that they do not get in contact with the new Covid variants while keeping their immunity in the best shape if the worst came to occur. Make sure to get tested regularly and get your booster shot!