Pregnancy is an experience to be cherished by a mother. It indeed is a roller coaster ride with all its ups and down. Especially, for mothers who get pregnant for the first time, it is an unfamiliar time where they have a lot of plausible questions and doubts related to the development of their body, the baby’s body, changes in the surrounding, etc. It is a different living being that resides and grows inside another living body. Changes are ought to happen and doubt are justified to rise.


With time, the body reacts…

In the early stages of being a mother, there is no vast change experienced at the beginning of conception. The body slowly clamps on to the change and reacts accordingly. The fetus’ growth also plays a major factor to affect the mother.

The causes of pregnancy have an impact on the entire body differently. Common discomforts observed in the early stages are related to the following body parts:

  • Backache: One of the common problems faced by the would-be mother is backache. It cannot be treated and is something that one has to go through because of the pressure causing to the back because of the extra weight.
  • Headache: This is also quite common between women who are pregnant. It is caused by stress, hormonal changes, bodily stress, etc.
  • Breast tenderness: This is considered the first bodily change during pregnancy. One’s breast might feel very tender and heavy in the early stages itself.
  • Leg cramps: The cause of this is although still unknown but leg cramps, at night, while going to sleep is also one of the issues faced by a pregnant woman.
  • Stomach: One of the important places that go on a toss and have evident changes to the belly. Due to vitamin supplements or stress or other lineages of pregnancy, one might feel an undue amount of change in their stomach. Problems like constipation, gas, acidity, cramps, etc. are the common signs of pregnancy.


Although these are some insider happenings in the stomachs, there is more to the changes that happen to the stomach as a result of pregnancy. With time, the stomach gets tighter and firmer and one may actually feel the transition of firmness from the baby area to the normal stomach flab once the baby inside grows. These changes are felt with time as one goes to their second or third trimester. Pertaining to the early stage of pregnancy the changes are quite a few.


Changes in the Stomach are driven by a few factors and to each, it is a new process

Pregnancy to each individual comes in a different way and thus, the changes are also different. One may see early signs quickly while the other may show signs slowly. It depends on person to person:

  • For new mothers, signs of pregnancy on stomach might show much later than the ones who already have delivered a baby.
  • The body type of mothers also play a key role in depicting bodily changes
  • Health and habits of the mother also have a sufficient contribution to the cycle

How does the stomach feel at the beginning of pregnancy?

One is ought to feel some ‘Abdominal twinges’ in simple words that pulling feeling from the inside of the stomach in the early stage of pregnancy. These sensations are observed in the lower abdomen or the belly are of woman.

The pain is driven by various biological reason arising from conditions like nausea, cramping and bloating. The cramps are almost the same that one can feel during their periods. These cramps are usually the sign for implantation in the uterus.

A lot of the symptoms are usually similar as one might go through during periods. One might feel the stomach getting bloated for no reason. The bloating feeling is similar to the one which is felt after having a very heavy meal or drinking loads of water just after the meal.

All that being said, the early signs in the first trimester is quite normal and you do not go through a major change in your belly. It will often feel like it is full and unnecessarily bloating out.

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Written by Puja Joshi

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