Eid is just around the corner. This year’s Eid will be different than usual because of the restrictions we have to follow due to the global pandemic, so what will you do?

I really hope everyone will follow the social distancing and keep it small when it comes to seeing others during this blessed occasion. I am sure it will be hard for all of us to not be able to celebrate the usual way but remember, everything happens for a reason.

Maybe we need a break from these big gatherings and to look inwards into our own homes and families and celebrate the basics, the way it used to be. But what else can you do the night before Eid?

I suggest reviewing your current health status, routine and lifestyle in order to either keep or change things up for Eid and before going back to normal.

First of all, we all have to be more focused on our health during these times as immunity is the number one line of defense before anything else. We need to make sure we are improving our health or at least maintaining it. I hope you all agree and promise to work on yourself for yourself.

Take it as a sign or wake-up call that you need to stop and re-evaluate your lifestyle because your health is crucial, especially during these times.

So when it comes to Eid, please do not go straight back to those bad eating habits, please do not overeat the night before Eid or the morning of and please do not stay up late, the night before either.

Let’s all get back on track the right way and start our Eid early, even if we won’t be having the usual celebrations, we have to remain disciplined and enjoy no matter what. I hope you have been feeling motivated enough to take control of your health as it is very, very clear now that health is the initial form of protection from sickness or disease.

So if you have woken up and been taking good care of yourself, I need to re-emphasize that if you suddenly go off track with Eid celebrations then you might put yourself at risk of sickness. When people follow a routine and suddenly change, there could be adverse effects, specifically when you are following a healthy routine, your body and immunity might be sensitive to negative changes as you go back to your old ways.

Therefore, keep in mind that your routine is critical and your health is the priority, not oversleeping, overeating or taking a break from physical activity.

Here are a few tips to keep you on track after Ramadan:

1- Ask yourself why you changed your old habits and started new ones? Always remind yourself of the reasons for the changes that you wanted.
2- Incorporate things into your routine that reinforce other new habits. For example, maybe start a new habit of drinking warm water with lemon in the morning and couple it with a morning stretch session right after. Combine likeminded routines to increase your commitment as you will see and feel you are accomplishing more at the same time.
3- Keep reminders everywhere. It’s always a good idea to keep notes, reminders or alarms to keep you on track, to engage your mind and to keep you focused. Maybe try a checklist where you can cross things off.
4- Don’t fall behind, try your hardest to not let yourself go, remember your answers to why you changed.
5- Track and monitor your routine on your phone or somewhere more visible like on a paper on the fridge, so you can feel good about successfully completing what you need and simultaneously motivate you to finish what’s next and to stay on track.
6- Keep your family and friends in the loop, have them support and motivate you or if you are willing, have someone get or stay on track with you.

All in all, 2020 is about change and you need to get moving. Your health…your future is in your hands.

Source : Gulf Times 

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