More than 100 staff members from Sidra Medicine registered to donate blood yesterday at the mobile blood donation bus set up by Hamad Medical Corporation’s Blood Donor Centre.

Dr Jason Ford, chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Sidra Medicine, encouraged people to donate blood and said: “I feel fortunate to be able to donate blood, to help sick children and adults in Qatar.”

“As a consultant in blood transfusion, I know that my blood will be used to save lives, as it can be used to help the children and mothers at Sidra Medicine as well as the patients at HMC and throughout the whole country.

Qatar has a very safe blood transfusion system. I hope other people will take the time to donate blood, which is needed now more than ever due to the pandemic. Approximately, 40 units of blood were collected from the blood donation drive at Sidra Medicine.

This can help with lifesaving treatments for well over 40 adults or 100 children.

HMC has highlighted that the country is in need of blood types O+, O-, A-, B- and AB-.

For those able to donate, visit the Blood Donor Centre near Hamad General Hospital or call 4439 1981 to check eligibility.

For more info regarding blood donation click here.

Source : Gulf Times

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