Image result for Can an Egg a Day Keep Diabetes Away?Over the years, the messaging about eggs has been a bit confusing. The high cholesterol content in the yolks meant that people were told to limit their intake of the food so that their cholesterol levels wouldn’t soar.

And then that message took a back seat because it turned out that the cholesterol in eggs didn’t really have much to do with the LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”) levels of the vast majority of people.  Plus, it’s also been found that eggs have compounds in them that support our health.

And now, a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland suggests that eating a daily serving of the protein-packed food is linked to having a blood profile that is associated with low type 2 diabetes risk. The study findings were published in the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research journal.


The Study

The study’s researchers previously showed that eating an egg a day was linked to a lower risk of type two diabetes in middle-aged men, but this time, they wanted to know which blood compounds resulting from egg consumption were involved in reducing that risk.

To do this, they studied the blood samples of men participating in the study using a technique known as “non-targeted metabolomics”. This technique allowed the researchers to build a broad profile of the chemicals found in those samples.

The blood samples of the men who ate more eggs were found to have fat molecules that were associated with the blood profiles of men who stayed type 2 diabetes free. Through this study, the researchers were also able to map out compounds that are thought to be linked to a higher risk of developing the disease.

As a result, the study’s researchers say that they now have some clues about the way egg consumption affects the body as well as its protective role against type 2 diabetes.

Despite the promising nature of these results, researchers still say it’s too early to make any firm conclusions about these effects and that more, in-depth investigations need to be done.

Whether you prefer your eggs scrambled, served sunny-side up or soft-boiled with soldiers, this breakfast staple might be doing you more favours than helping you start the day on a tasty note. A solution to one of the most common, public-health issues might just be sitting on your plate.

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