Aspetar; Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, has posted a detailed video featuring reliable home exercises for athletes while staying at home. This video of 16 minutes aims to take advantage of the time of social distancing imposed by the spread of the pandemic Covid-19 and to get athletes to maintain their fitness during their stay at home.

The exercises are provided by a team of fitness coaches in Aspetar, which are easy to apply by professional athletes with previous training experience, while the beginners are required to take medical advice prior to performing the exercises. Athletes could do this by doing different kinds of exercises using body weight, without the need of any gym equipment, which makes it more convenient and easier to apply at home.

The exercises are managed by the Aspetar physical coaches Evlampia Sidiropoulou, Laurent Lassalle, and Gergely Kis. The exercises are divided into four categories, each group targeting different part of the body, core stability and core strengthening, upper body, lower body and full body cardiovascular training. A full body circuit workout combining exercises from the 4 different categories; Regular training is preferred three to five days a week, for 30-45 minutes per workout .The training sessions consist of 6 to 8 exercises, with a time of 20-60 seconds with a frequency of 10-12 times during each training, 30-60 seconds recovery between every circle of each training session, as an opportunity to take a break and catch breath while drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Aspetar is accredited by many recognised medical and sports institutions and always educates about preventive measures through many awareness programmes within Aspetar or in institutions and sports clubs, by scientific conferences, and educational lectures targeting medical staff. Similarly, educational and awareness programmes directed to the public through the media as well as Aspetar’s social media platforms, and by providing advice and evidence-bases studies. For the public while staying at home they can access two Physical activity live session, that Aspetar will broadcast at its YouTube Channel, for advance physical activity will be live tomorrow, 2nd April starting at 4pm for a duration of one hour . Aspetar has produced a series of educational videos and posted them on its official You Tube channel some videos explaining the stages of rehabilitation and treatment of sports injuries, and also advance fitness exercises.

Source : The Gulf Times

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