The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes to Fit Every Face


With just the right amount of eyebrow liner and an eyebrow shape that perfectly fits the face, a woman can definitely take the world by storm. In fact, even if you are too lazy to be ultimately gorgeous, a few minutes on your eyebrows can make you look your best effortlessly. With all these and more, there’s no need to wonder why there’s this big fuzz about perfecting those wonderful brows. After all, what’s a girl to do without the perfect beauty brows?

Square-Shaped Face


A square-shaped face could either be a curse or a blessing. The real challenge here is to make your face look gentle, and there is no other way to perfecting this than keeping the subtlety in your face by soft-curved eyebrows that extend from the middle to the end of the brow. The slight curve to the outer edge can help you achieve the subtlety you need.

Round-Shaped Face


A gentle arch can best complement the roundness of your face. Nonetheless, you should never settle for thin eyebrows since this can make your face look even rounder. Therefore, when it comes to round-faced ladies like you, you must learn the art of plucking less because in your case, thicker eyebrows mean a less-rounded face.

The Heart-Shaped Face


A lot of women who were born with a heart-shaped face would agree that one of their biggest challenges is trying not to look too angular. If you are one of them, then circular eyebrows that are slightly arched would do the magic trick for you. This would create the balance your face needs, making it look less angular.

Oval-Shaped Face


If you are blessed with an oval face, congratulations because most eyebrow shapes can work well with your face. Nonetheless, you have to make sure that you don’t overdo the arch on your eyebrows since it can make your face look too lengthy.

There you go—the perfect brows for your face shape. Just remember, no matter what shape and color, you are always beautiful! With just the right amount of faith, confidence and a magic eyebrow pen, you can absolutely work your way to becoming your best beautiful.

By Aileen Pablo


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