How To Pedicure And Manicure At Home

A woman, either homemaker or working, works around the clock for their family and themselves. They are very busy with their daily activities that they can’t even take a little time for caring themselves. Well, sometimes we need to take care of ourselves and make a body well toned.

A woman works most of the time in a day and due to which her feet and palms go through much pain and strain. Even the pollution in and outside the home, make them untidy and rough.

So, what you must do to keep them soft? It’s simple. Take out sometime from your busy life and make your feet and palms feel better. A simple pedicure and manicure will give much relief to you. You don’t need to hit the parlour, just take out 20 minutes of your day at least once in a week and do it by sitting at home.

Yeah, you don’t have to spend lots of money and time in beautifying your feet and palms. Just with these simple pedicure and manicure tips, you can do it by yourself at your home. Thus, have a look at these easy tips.

Well, before letting you know the tips of pedicure and manicure, let us clear that both the process is same. Thus, we are mentioning the tips for both as a same point, but in a clear way.

Remove The Old

When you are heading towards the pedicure or manicure, the first thing you must remember is to remove the old nail paint with the help of a nail polish remover.

Remove The Old


It’s Time To Soak

Now, that you are done with the first. You have to prepare your feet or palms to soak in water. So, take some lukewarm water, add rock salt and lemon in it, if you are doing pedicure else add a little amount of cleanser, in case you are going to do manicure. Now, soak them for at least 20 minutes before heading to the next step.

It's Time To Soak


Exfoliate And Scrub

If you are treating your feet, then you must exfoliate as well as scrub them. So, take a pumice stone and remove the dead skin around your feet. And, scrub it with readymade or homemade scrub.

Exfoliate And Scrub

If you are pampering your palms, then as soon as you are done by soaking, try this homemade scrub. Take some sea salt, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil, mix them. Now, gently scrub your palms with this.

Time For Nails

Wash your hands or feet with water and pat them dry. Now, apply moisturizer to make your nails soft. After 10 minutes cut and shape your nails the way you want and clean the dust under your nails. Now, adjust the cuticles with the help of cuticle pusher.

Time For Nails

 Final Touch

Now that you are done with the manicure or pedicure process, it’s time for the final touch. Take a nail paint of your choice for painting your nails, but always remember that applying the base coat is very important before painting your nails. So, finally paint your toenails or fingernails and give them a gorgeous look.

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