Hair Care Tips For All Hair Types

Related imageStyling our hair is one of the things which we do everyday and we obviously cannot resist trying out new hairstyle and looks. Every time we go to a party or functions or even outings with friends, we strive to get the best possible new look. But while styling our hairs, sometimes we forget about keeping our locks healthy and beautiful. So today we have bought you some basic hair care tips to look after your hairs.

  1. Proper care. The first and foremost tip towards hair care is to keep your hair clean. We should wash our hair twice a week and oiling regularly is a must. Oiling helps to keep our hair shiny and smooth. Try to mix different oils like olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. After washing your hair with a shampoo, make sure to apply conditioner as it retains the hairs moisture.Also avoid tying up your hair tightly all the time, as it puts unnecessary strain on your hair and causes it to break.
  2. Say no to hot water. We all love bathing with warm water as it relaxes us but we must not forget that this relaxing hot water can damage our locks. It causes our hair and scalp to dry out making it frizzy and dry. So instead of washing hair with hot water, wash it with warm or normal water and at last rinse with cold water. Cold water seals the moisture in our hair and prevents breakage.
  3. Don’t rub and dry. The most common mistake almost everyone makes whilst drying the hair is rubbing it with a towel. Anytime you dry your hair you must never rub it with a towel. This can damage hair and make it frizzy. Just pat dry it with a cotton cloth or old cotton t-shirt
  4. Protect your hair. Always protect your hair before applying heat. Curling and ironing exposes your hair to heat. This heat can be extremely harmful to your hair and can damage or uproot it. Thus applying a heat protectant before using iron can prevent your hair from damage. Also make sure that your hairs and completely dry.
  5. Pamper your hair. Your hair needs proper care to maintain its beauty, shine and strength. For this apply hair masks at least once in two weeks or you may also opt for hair treatments. They help your hair to retain its beauty and keep those locks healthy. For natural masks, use fenugreek, yogurt, egg or henna masks.

So these were the top 5 tips to keep your hair healthy and maintain their growth. Following them can prevent your hair from breaking and damage.

By: Ifra Naaz

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