Correct Way to Conceal Dark Circles

Going for an outing, party or gathering and suddenly realize that you’ve got those awful looking dark circles around your eyes which adds flaws to your beauty? Concealer is one such product which will give coverage to your imperfections and give you an instant glow and uplift your skin. Applying concealer under your eyes can sometimes be a really difficult task or doesn’t come out as we had actually wanted it to come. Sometimes it just settles on the creases of our eyes or sometimes it just disappears out of nowhere! Do not worry, as here we have bought you the easiest tips to conceal those dark circles.

Types of Concealers.

There are a variety of concealer, concealer brands and shades in the market. Concealers are the creamy liquid ones and the stick ones. The liquid ones give you a light coverage and the stick ones give you a heavier, fuller coverage. Also make sure to find the shade perfect for your skin tone as the shade really does matters.

Correct Way To Apply Concealer.

Step 1: Always start with moisturizing your skin then apply foundation and then start off with concealer by making an inverted triangle. The common mistake which everyone does is creating the ‘crescent’ under the eye which is totally wrong. Always apply the concealer by making an inverted triangle. Also don’t overfill the triangle as it may cause it to become cakey and uneven. So, just leave the triangle lightly filled in. If your under eye area is of a greyish or bluish color, use an orangish shade.

Step 2: Take a good beauty blender and blend off those lines so that there is no harsh line left and it results smooth and well blended. Blend it by gently dabbing and rolling the sponge inwards until the triangle is flawlessly well blended. To ensure that the concealer is set and does not disappear, follow the next step!

Step 3: Sometimes the concealer just disappears after a couple of hours and we are left with the same old dark circles. To prevent this from happening, we need to set the concealer just right in place so that it stays put! For this, gently set it by covering it with a loose translucent powder. Start off by taking a clean smooth brush and dip it in the loose powder. Then, gently tap down your brush to remove the excess powder and now, gently move the brush from side to side and blend the powder smoothly.

Voila! and you are done with covering those awful looking dark circles in three easy steps and now you would look as fresh as you can.

By Ifra Naaz

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