It’s something that we often over-look in our busy schedules. With trying to juggle work, kids, home life, errands, and more, the thought of putting ourselves first, for even just a few minutes, can seem impractical or almost childish. To most, it feels more like a chore than a necessity.

But that’s exactly the problem. Putting ourselves first is a necessity. And although our lives might seem crazy hectic enough, taking the time to care for yourself is going to aid in the effectiveness of you helping others.

Here is a self-care guide to get you going through the week.

Sunday, March 22

Read a book or magazine for an hour.

Monday, March 23

Try out a new hobby.

Tuesday, March 24

Work on an Art Project (Color or Draw).

Wednesday, March 25

Listen To A Podcast

Thursday, March 26

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Friday, March 27

Take A Mid – Day Nap

Saturday, March 28

Take an Online Class

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