A power nap is magical. It’s the most effective way to wake up and refresh your mind when you’re feeling tired and sluggish. A research has shown that a power sleep is much better than no nap as it enhances the cognitive abilities and alertness. It has also been found that to have important health benefits.

However, we all know that not all power rests are created equally. There are times when you take a short nap during a busy work day and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the world.

Other times, not so much- you take a power sleep and wake up feeling disoriented, groggy, and even more exhausted.

Here are a few reasons why you should take this opportunity to incorporate a power nap during your day:

1. Tired people tend to eat fatty, unhealthy foods: sufficient sleep can thus help you lose weight.
2. Taking a nap can increase your ability to concentrate and help you to remember things better.
3. You are more productive after a power nap.
4. Adequate sleep also helps you to stay looking young.
5. Napping lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke.
6. A power nap improves your mood! (Inadequate sleep can cause irritability)
7. A short break in the form of a nap helps you to relax and reduces your stress level.

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