Based in the heart of downtown Doha, Yugo, an Asian fusion restaurant – as implied by the translation of the word from Japanese – comprises a blend of dishes inspired mainly from East/ South East Asia.

Around three years ago, Yugo debuted in The Gate Mall, where the world of business meets luxury. Yugo is now considered one of the best Asian restaurants in Doha. Earlier this month the All & About team took a visit to the highly remarked Yugo restaurants to see if it’s worth the hype. After taking a few bites from their delicious sweets, it was clear that we were at the right place.

Asian dessert is characterised by sweet syrups, coconut cream, tropical fruits, and sweet sticky rice, and that is exactly what Yugo offers.

Mango Panna Cotta Sticky Rice, Khao Niao Mamuang in the Thai language, can be regarded as the Thai national dessert and can be found being served in almost every restaurant in Thailand. It is first prepared from sticky rice, steamed, then dipped in sweet coconut milk for a wonderful taste. We’ve tasted some fantastic Panna cotta’s in our lifetime, and this is one of the best. It’s lightly creamy, and it just elevates the standard of Thai dessert here in Qatar. It was topped with coconut milk sauce and served with mango coulis and mango slices that had the right ratio of sweet and sour.

Our personal favourite was the Kakigori. A simple, customisable Japanese shaved ice dessert with your choice of base, topping, sauces, and fillings. We had it with strawberries and topped with strawberry syrup, and I have to admit, even with the cold, chilly weather of Doha, we still savoured every spoonful while irresistibly going for more. It’s a refresher after a long day and perfect for a place such as The Gate Mall.

We then tried their Chocolate Percolate Shibuya as well. They had other variants of toast and flavours as well if you fancy. For those unaware of what the Shibuya dessert is, it’s simply Honey Toasted Bread with Chocolate Ice cream, Chocolate Chips, and Brownies, topped with Warm Chocolate Sauce and served with Salted Butter Caramel. To us, it tasted heavenly. Although it is just honey toast with lots of chocolate, the combination of flavours, especially with the Salted Butter Caramel, was entirely eloquent and elegant when served with the right flavour of ice cream.

For drinks, we all had the blue butterfly pea flower latte, which is tea mixed with hot milk and latte, served with Thai taro pudding. If you never tried a butterfly pea flower latte before, you’re missing out!

It’s a beautiful bright blue latte with a lovely floral yet earthy taste that you can’t get from any other tea. We first saw this drink on Instagram, and we have wanted to try it. The butterfly pea flower plant has been cultivated for a long time in the tropical equatorial region of Southeast Asia. Its flowers are a stunning blue colour, and the petals have flecks of white and yellow.

The butterfly pea flower powder is derived from dried butterfly pea flowers. It is entirely plant-based, vegan, caffeine-free, and is free of artificial colouring, which is surprising considering how beautiful it is. The latte had to be the best thing I tried that day as it was as acidic and aromatic coffee can be – seriously!
Yugo is open daily from 11 am – 11 pm and can cater to both business professionals slipping in for a quick bite during the day and families or large groups looking for a relaxing dinner after a casual walk along the seaside.

If you wish to reserve a table, ask for details about their recipes, or ask for their catering services, then make sure to call them at +974 4407 7118 or email them at