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Travel geeks start planning their next getaway months in advance. Planning an international trip doesn’t end in booking a flight, hotel, activities and restaurants, there’s always extra work to be done. Before going to another country, there are some important things people should know. And to help make the travel a success, here’s the top list of what to learn before travelling to a foreign country.

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Always look up weather reports and travel warnings when the date of the flight is approaching, especially to a country which is going to be your getaway vacation. It is basic knowledge to know weather conditions to ensure your safety and protection. Also, know the season so you can dress suitably.  Everyone’s safety is always the highest concern, so when the weather is bad, take actions accordingly.


Another tip before going to another country, know their money – its worth and exchange rates. This will help you to budget your pocket money and spend it wisely. Likewise, search the price of their means of transportation like taxi or subway trains. This enables a  clear spending budget for the necessities and know whether to travel by train, car or bus.


It is important to be aware of the laws and policies in each country you plan to visit, including their driving policies, dress codes, restricted items and the like. Make sure to find out their Dos and Don’ts to evade from punishment. Just in case you get into trouble, you must have the contact information of your country’s embassy within the country of visit.


Have a basic understanding of the country’s culture and customs to show respect to the local people who live there. Some of the practices may be different from your country, so it is necessary to know a little information about the country you’re travelling to, including their beliefs, religion, gestures and stereotypes.


Lastly, it would also be helpful if you learn some phrases, if the country you’re going to visit speaks a different language. Google some simple phrase like greetings and useful questions. Aside from the fact that it will make communication easier, the locals will also appreciate your effort to converse with them using their native language. It can also make your travel experience more genuine.

By Jerica Jorda

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