KidzMondo Science & Business Fair

Showcase Your Brightest Inventions or Ideas!

April 25th 2019 – 6PM to 9PM: KidzMondo Doha, Mall Of Qatar

KidzMondo Doha is hosting its first Science & Business Fair this April!

It’s a one-of-a-kind engaging event, powered by Qatar Development Bank, in line with Kidzmondo Doha’s educational core concept and initiatives.

The KidzMondo Science & Business Fair aims to spark kids’ entrepreneurial fire by encouraging them to showcase forward thinking, initiative and innovation.

It is also meant to encourage kids up to 14 years old to get in tune with their entrepreneurial selves by presenting an invention or idea that they believe in.

They have the possibility to present their idea individually, or in a group, in front of a panel of expert judges from Qatar Development Bank. The judges will engage with the kids, question their idea and test their conviction.

This intellectual contest holds a golden opportunity; the best ideas stand a chance to get funded. This means that the winning kids may become real KIDpreneurs, and owners of their own business!

The pillars of ideas for this contest are the following:

  • Creative Gadgets & Robots


  • Best Business Ideas


  • Community Improvement Ideas

The kids will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Creativity aspect of the idea
  • Innovation aspect of the idea
  • Feasibility aspect of the idea
  • Profitability aspect of the idea
  • Research and Surveys regarding the idea
  • Ability to explain and defend the idea

Kids are encouraged to register from now, to secure a slot during which they will present their idea to the judges in the KidzMondo Amphitheatre, in front of their parents, friends, numerous other spectators as well as media representatives.

Prizes & Awards:

  • The best idea stands the chance for their idea to get funded!
  • The Best Ideas will receive a Press Coverage on their Idea, their personal background & the School they attend
  • Cash Prize of 6,000 QRs will be distributed to Top 3 Best Ideas
  • Top 3 Best Ideas will receive a Seat in QDB’s Young Entrepreneur Summer Camp
  • KidzMondo & QDB official Kidpreneur certifications


Special certification to mark their courage and sense of initiative, which comprise essential qualities children should have, highly valued in the city of KidzMondo Doha!

This event is in fact the culmination of a program launched in February called the KIDpreneur Incubation Center, an entrepreneurial program, ignited by KidzMondo Doha and powered by QDB, Injaz, HBKU, Sanea & Bedaya which provided expert mentoring on the basics of entrepreneurship, to kids between of 8 and 14 years old.

The goal was and always is to equip and empower children at KidzMondo with the tools to lead the future.

KidzMondo Doha believes in the potential of kids, and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age.



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