When you’re juggling it all—work,kids, relationships, networking—it’s not always easy to keep tabs on everything. Here to save the day is the best organization apps—to help you manage to be your best, most productive selves.


If you have multiple to-do lists, this app is a lifesaver. The intuitive design is easy to use and highly functional—use it manage multiple lists, set reminders, and keep track of important notes, documents, or voice recordings pertaining to particular tasks.


If you’ve ever struggled to settle on a meeting time or accidentally double-booked yourself, this calendar app is for you. It’s one of the best tools to use to save time and streamline. You simply send a link and the recipient books a time that’s convenient for them directly on your calendar.


If your wallet is overflowing with business cards you haven’t had time to organize, this simple app will lighten the load. No more holding onto cards! Simply take a photo, and the app automatically moves all pertinent information to your address book.

Time Timer

Have trouble focusing? Who doesn’t! This app can help direct your attention to completing whatever task you’ve taken on in a reasonable amount of time—a particularly useful tool for anyone who bills by the hour.


How many times have you had to hit “forget my password,” and go through the painstaking steps of recreating another? If the answer is more than you can count, this handy app will keep all your passwords—both work and personal—in one easy-to-access spot.


Do you have what seems like one million balls up in the air? This do-it-all app allows you to manage to-do lists, scan business cards, receipts, documents, and handwritten notes, plus record voice memos. It’s so powerful that DeMorrow wrote her last two books almost entirely in Evernote.


On the surface this may not look like your typical organizational app, but it’s a great tool to help minimize distractions and get more work done. This app helps channel your bad energy or practice gratitude and let your emotions go, so you can focus on your business and projects. Use the daily guided planner to organize your thoughts and prioritize your wellbeing.


As the name suggests, Todoist is another great to-do list manager. Use it to set an alarm, track due dates, or manage various projects.


If reaching inbox zero is something you could only ever dream about, give this handy email management tool a try. The app seamlessly integrates with your email and allows you to turn any emails that require action or followup into tasks. It also has a “send later” function, so you can schedule emails to go out at the appropriate time—a feature that’s indispensable for anyone who works with clients in different timezones.


It may not help you plan your own home-cooked meals, but apps like Instacart and Postmates can be lifesavers for working parents, says Dana Marineau, vice president of brand, creative and communications for Credit Karma. “On the days when my husband and I don’t have the capacity to cook a full meal after work, we will use Postmates to deliver.”

Source : Oprah 

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