Qatar will soon have its first state-of-the-art laptop manufacturing facility, the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) revealed yesterday.

The 2,500 square meter factory in Umm Alhoul Free Zone is being developed under a partnership between leading US electronic company iLife Digital and Prime Technologies, which is a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding.

According to QFZA, the facility will be used to create innovative iLife branded electronic devices such as laptops, PCs, smart watches and mobile phones, in addition to other items.

Production at the facility is expected to commence in August this year. Some 35,000 electronics are anticipated to be produced at the facility per year.

The new establishment will fulfill the demand for reasonably priced electronic projects in the region.

The factory will also be used for logistics and R&D activities and have a customer solution center.

His Excellency the Minister of State and Chairman of QFZA, Ahmad Al-Sayed said, “We are proud to host this partnership between iLife Digital and Prime Technologies at Umm Alhoul Free Zone. It is the latest example of our close collaboration with the Qatari private sector to foster growth and innovation for the country and the broader region.

“This partnership is also testament to the strategic place of Qatar and its free zones in global trade, and the exciting potential of technology manufacturing in Qatar. This factory will play an important role in our growing technology ecosystem, and drive our continued support for Qatar’s technology and innovation sector.”

Vice-Chairman & EVP of Ali Bin Ali Holding, Nabeel Ali Bin Ali, commented, “Through this project, we support Qatar National Vision’s objectives of self-reliance and contribute to the “Made in Qatar” initiative. The factory will also provide an ideal platform for young scientists in Qatar to perform research, innovate and develop AI tools and robots. We are delighted to be part of Qatar Free Zones, and this strategic partnership will help us highlight Qatar’s growing role in the global trade.”

In addition to serving its purpose of electronics production, the new facility will offer additional benefits such as the creation of 160 new jobs, including 144 skilled opportunities. Moreover, people across the MENA region will benefit from a local technology powerhouse.

Qatar Free Zones’ technology ecosystem will allow iLife Digital and Prime Technologies to enhance their own operations and develop cutting-edge yet affordable products for the MENA region.


Source: Qatar Living