How much time a day you spend looking at your phone. Two hours? Three hours? Six hours?

It’s hard to even quantify the amount of time we spend interacting with our screens. And the focal point of all that interaction? The display. Think about it – using apps, browsing the web, taking photos, watching video – all the things you spend the most time doing on your phone require your eyes locked onto that front screen. So it’s no wonder phone manufacturers are investing in developing screens with minimal bezels, maximum resolution and customization features that let the users craft their perfect screen-on experience.



One such company is Huawei, who were definitely keeping this in mind when they developed the 6.53” RGBW, HDR display for the HUAWEI Mate 20. Its glass finish and curved edges make it “display-first” in design, and in order to maximize the amount you get to view on this crisp panel Huawei adopted a beautiful pearl-shaped, dewdrop notch. The notch houses the front facing camera sensor, taking up as little space as possible. The result is a display with just 12 percent bezel, and if the notch isn’t for you, don’t worry – Huawei’s software allows you to hide the notch from sight.

This expanded screen size links directly to usability – with an extreme screen-to-body ratio, users can have a more immersive experience than ever before. Gamers, photographers and web browsers alike can leverage the wider body and extra surface area of the HUAWEI Mate 20 to enjoy content.


The everyday smartphone experience gets taken to the next level by thanks to the various customization features Huawei allows. Users can make critical adjustments to screen settings, activating features like an eye comfort mode to filter blue light, color temperature controls and the ability to adjust screen temperature to match the ambient light color.

This makes a big impact on everything from reading emails to editing photos. The vibrant display also features an RGBW underlying matrix – like the HUAWEI Mate 10 before it. The HUAWEI Mate 20 thus delivers superb brightness and paired with its HDR10 compatibility and support for the larger DCI-P3 color space brings more color variety directly to you. This also allows the HUAWEI Mate 20 to support two color modes – Normal and Vivid – each coming with three sub-modes: Default, Warm and Cold.



While activating features like comfort mode reduce strain on your eyes and make browsing safer, activating Vivid mode on peak brightness can ensure you can still use your device in bright

sunlight (the 820 nits guarantees it) or bring out the best details in a photo when posting to Instagram. Considering the handset sports a Full HD+ resolution of 1080×2244, you have a screen that shines bright and packs depth in in its colors.

Max out the screen, Max out the fun

At this point, having a good quality display is a basic aspect of any smartphone – a powerful chipset may can render great graphics and ensure a smooth performance, but without an excellent display, the experience will leave the user wanting more. Thankfully – there’s no chance of this when it comes to using the HUAWEI Mate 20. With is sleek LCD panel, this device will make it even harder for you to pull away – but aren’t we lucky! Huawei’s installed a new screen-time management app to keep us in check.

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